Mlango Kubwa MCA Clobbered by Police in City Hall

Image Courtesy of Daily Nation

The police service is once again on the spot for brutality and use of excessive force following yesterday’s scuffle at City Hall that left various Members of the County Assembly injured.

Four policemen were caught on camera assaulting a defenceless, Patricia Mutheu, the MCA for Mlango Kubwa ward. From the videos that have since gone viral on social media, the one of the officers can be seen kicking the lady and clobbering her with a baton.

Mutheu was caught up in the fracas that ensued in the Nairobi County Assembly after police raided the premises to disperse MCAs who were trying to serve Speaker Beatrice Elachi with a notice of impeachment.

Leaders and members of the public have taken to Twitter under the hashtag #PoliceBrutalityKE and #JusticeForPatriciaMutheu to condemn the incident and have called for action from the police inspector General Mutyambai.

Police Brutality

The following are some of the tweets shared;
“Amnesty Kenya condemns the violence at Nairobi County Assembly. We urge the
@IG_NPS to hold @PoliceKE officers to account for the #PoliceBrutalityKE less than one kilometer from his office. #ElachiImpeachmentChaos “
KHRCWe cannot accept a police force overly reliant on #policebrutalityke whenever it is interacting with citizens. We demand the @IG_NPS to hold to account all the officers involved in the violence against Patricia Mutheu #JusticeForPatriciaMutheu
Sen.Johnson Muthama: I condemn in the strongest way possible the overall treatment of

MCA’s. What we witnessed was inhuman and demand justice for Hon.Mutheu. #policebrutalityke has to STOP

MillicentOmangaIf a Nairobi woman leader like Hon Mutheu is not free &safe from gended-based violence in the Assembly premises,is any woman who is resident in Nairobi County safe anywhere?IG Mutyambai,DPP & IPOA must bring to book these 4 shameless male police officers & whoever hired them

Jonathan MuekeThere can never be justification for this kind of brutality. It really must stop #policebrutalityke
Prof Makau MutuaThe Kenya Police is a disgrace. Look at how they set upon and savagely beat Patricia Mutheu, a Nairobi County legislator, without provocation. IG needs to TERMINATE and arrest

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Female Doctors Take to Social Media to Protest Contraversial Study – #MedBikini


A medical study  has provoked a widespread social media storm ; #MedBikini, for criticizing female doctors who post photos of themselves in bikini on social media, calling it “provacative” and “unprofessional”.

The journal, titled, “Prevalence of unprofessional social media content among young vascular surgeons” was published online behind a paywall on December 25, 2019 in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, looked at the social media accounts of 480 recent vascular-surgery graduates between 2016 and 2018.

The journal, which became accessible to the public a week ago, further considers social media posts where Medics hold alcohol, wear inappropriate attire, and give opinion on controversial social topics as “potentially unprofessional.”

Account holders who self-identified as vascular surgeons were more likely to be associated with unprofessional social media behavior. Young surgeons should be aware of the permanent public exposure of unprofessional content that can be accessed by peers, patients, and current/future employers,” the study says in part.

Female doctors have trashed the article as utter “misogynism” and are taking to social media in protest under the hashtag #MedBikini to post their bikini photos saying they too have  social lives .

Below are some of the tweets under #MedBikini

Jessica L Simpson, MPH #whitecoatsforblacklivesIs wearing a white coat at all times a requirement to be deemed “professional”? Being fun, sexy, smart & hard-working can co-exist. Wearing a swimsuit and posting it on my social media doesn’t hinder me from providing competent & compassionate medical care. #MedBikini
Sana AshrafI don’t have a #MedBikini pic but I do have a pic of me, a first gen Pakistani American hijab wearing Muslim woman living my best life. For some, my mere existence in medicine is unprofessional. For most, I hope it’s an example of why diversity and inclusion is important.
Agustina#MedBikini My new years resolution was to not whine about every little thing that bothers me but I’m TIRED of seeing that everything that doesn’t fit into the white cis male life parameter is perceived as wrong. Female health workers should be able to do as they please- (cont)
Magda WamuyuLoving the #MedBikini movement because healthcare professionals are people too and we deserve to feel good about ourselves. You can wear a bikini on social media and go out for drinks on the weekend and still be professional in the hospital no correlation.
 Jennifer Rodney MD: Enjoying a mimosa in a bathing suit does not change my committment to my career or to my patients. Physicians deserve to enjoy life too. #medbikini

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Tanzanian Former President Benjamin Mkapa Dies (81)

The Late Benjamin Mkapa joins Koffi Anan during the peace agreement between Raila Odinga and Kibaki.

Benjamin Mkapa, the third president of Tanzania has died in Dar es Salaam today.

President John Pombe Magufuli has confirmed the death via a live televised broadcast, saying the former president died while receiving treatment earlier today.

Mkapa, who served as president of Tanzania between 1995-2005, will be rememberd for championing several regional peace mediation efforts during his tenure and also after retirement.

He will also be remembered for his contribution towards the integration of East Africa.

As Foreign Minister between 1977 and 80, Benjamin Mkapa also played a key role in encouraging UN sanctions against apartheid South Africa, as a punishment for its occupation of Namibia. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta has sent a message of condolence to President John Joseph Pombe Magufuli, the People of the United Republic of Tanzania and the family of Former President Benjamin Mkapa who passed away earlier today.

Kenyans will particularly remember Mkapa for his role in helping negotiate a peace agreement between Kibaki and Raila following the 2007 disputed elections #RIPMzeeMkapa

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Will Kenya’s Amina Mohammed Become Africa’s First at WTO Leadership Helm?

CS Amina Mohammed

By Winnie Kabintie

Amb. Dr. Amina Mohamed, who is presently serving as the Sports Cabinet Secretary in the public service, has been touted as one of the front runners among six candidates in the race for the Director-General position at the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

According to Reuters, Kenya’s Amina Mohammed  is “one of the favourites alongside Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala” in the race to the current replace the director general, Brazil’s Roberto Azevedo.

The other five cnaidates are: Yoo Myung-hee from South Korea; Jesus Seade Kuri from Mexico; Egypt’s Hamid Mamdouh; and Tudor Ulianovschi from Moldova.

The World Trade Organisation has never been led by an African and a woman for that matter and if Amina Mohammed or even Nigeria’s Ngozi clinches the role, it will be historic.

Amina Mohammed, who lost to the current WTO Diretor General in 2013,  has held key decision making positions in the WTO and has used her experience and good tract record to solidify her campaign.

Between 2000 and 2006, Mohamed worked as the Ambassador and Permanent Representative for the Kenya diplomatic mission in Geneva. She was also the Chairperson, Coordinator and Spokesperson for the African Group in the WTO‘s Human Rights Commission. In 2002, Mohamed acted as President of the Conference on Disarmament and was appointed the first female chairperson of the International Organization for Migration.

Kenya was at the time, the only African country included in the organization and Amina Mohamed accepted the candidacy on condition that the organization would open up to more African countries.

 Reform, Recovery, Renewal 

She has pegged her candidacy on bringing about what she calls ” much needed” reforms at the World Trade Organisation.

Let me start by setting out the three main themes of my vision for the WTO: Reform, Recovery, Renewal.
The WTO needs urgent reforms so it can once again play its full part as an engine of growth, development
and stability. Reform is all the more urgent because an effective WTO is needed to help create the conditions for a sustainable recovery from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. And looking further ahead, the WTO needs to renew its capacity to negotiate and to develop new trade rules and disciplines for the challenges of the very near future,” Amina Mohammed said during her presentation at the General Council Meeting last week.

Kenyans have thrown their weight behind Amina Mohammed, with the country that has had so many firsts, looking forward to make world history once again.

Viva Amina Mohammed, the Kenya Forum wishes you all the best.


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KEBS Maize Flour ban over Aflatoxins


By Jane Mwangi

As far as epidemics go Maize scandals in Kenya take the prize with every political season bringing with it a new saga. And this has been going on since 1966! Maize is the staple food in the country with the average Kenyan consuming 90 kilos of maize flour a year. Compared to the 50 kilos of wheat or 17 kilos of rice, it is no wonder that it has lured many a crooked politician, businessman and their cronies over the years.

The recent historic ruling by the Anti-Corruption court against the Sirisia MP John Walukhe, is unique only in the sense that justice has been served. The politician and his partner in crime Grace Wakhungu were found guilty of defrauding the NCPB of Sh297 million using bogus documents to prove a non – existent supply of maize.

The two would have gotten away with it too, if not for their greed which led them to go after the board’s assets and bank accounts. This was revealed by one of the star witnesses, Brian Yongo who told how he was paid Sh7.5 million by Wakhungu to find a lawyer who would pursue NCPB on their behalf. For his efforts, Waluke lost his parliamentary seat and was fined Shs 1billion or 67 years in jail marking a new era in the fight against corruption, where the guilty are held responsible for fleecing innocent Kenyans to enrich themselves.


What is baffling is that the Waluke scandal has been preceded by many others since independence, which begs the question what is special about maize in Kenya? Due to the high demand for Maize as the mainstay of the Kenyan diet and considering that most Kenyan farmers depend on rain – fed agriculture which is unreliable, shortages tend to arise, leading to the importation of the cereal to meet the high demand.

This happened in 1966, during the reign of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, whose government imported 250,000 bags of yellow maize to boost supplies. The then Minister for Co-operatives and Marketing, Mr. Paul Ngei and also the chairman of the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) the national marketing board for maize in Kenya, was found to be the culprit behind the shortage. One of his wives, Emma was trading in the missing maize while another was strategically placed in a key position within the NCPB, as personal secretary to the chairman of the board. Corruption in Kenya was being institutionalized at this time so the minister was saved by President Kenyatta who went as far as amending the constitution to allow him to pardon Ngei.


Politicians in Kenya have used Maize as a bargaining chip to lure voters especially in the maize rich regions of the North Rift, with promises to pay farmers better and on time, all the while looking for opportunities to rip them off. Political alliances and feuds have been forged with maize at their centre as in the case of William Ruto and Raila Odinga. In 2009 Ruto,used his influence as Agriculture Minister to gain allies across the political divide and quash Raila’s attempts to expose his role in a Sh2 billion maize subsidy scandal, thereby ending their once chummy relationship.

More frequent however, are manmade causes aimed at compelling the government to allow duty free importation of maize by powerful albeit corrupt politicians and businessmen. This has led to fiascos such as the one of 2009 when contaminated maize found its way into the NCPB silos. And even though there were cases of Aflatoxin poisoning among the populace due to this, the corruption went on unabated, and 2018 saw yet another maize debacle, this one involving the then Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri in a Ksh 1.9 billion scandal. In an effort to boost farmers’ incomes the Kenyan government offered to buy maize at an attractive Ksh. 3,200 per 90kg bag. This was blood in the water for trading sharks which imported cheap maize and sold it to the NCPB. Kiunjuri was reprimanded publicly by the President Uhuru Kenyatta who warned him not to pay out the money meant for farmers to corrupt traders, and lost his job as CS. This slap on the wrist ensured that more underhand dealings would occur so there are currently several businessmen and NCPB officials in court over the illegal allocation national reserves of maize to briefcase millers.

The colossal amounts to be made in the maize sector juxtaposed with the infinitesimal penalties meted out to politicians will continue to attract graft at the cereals board, unless a serious effort is made by the government to remedy the situation.


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