journalist Walter Menya arrested

The circumstances surrounding the arrest of a Nation Media journalist, Walter Menya, for allegedly “soliciting a bribe to write a damaging story” continues to raise more questions than answers and has been turned to a political ping-pong ball between the government and opposition supporters.

Mr Menya was arrested on Sunday and locked up at an undisclosed police station where he spent the night.

According to his accuser, one Kennedy Kiprotich Koros, the journalist solicited cash to have the article Civil servants in JP foundation say all they want is to alleviate poverty, published in the Sunday Nation.

Koros says that Menya received Sh32, 000 between June 15 and 17 through M-Pesa and was arrested on June 18 at 12.30pm as he went to meet Mr Koros to collect the remaining Sh20, 000.

The article in question links three senior civil funds to bankrolling jubilee campaigns.

“Three top public officers are among the registered officials of a Jubilee campaign lobby that describes itself as a public service organisation despite questions being raised on their role,” reads the intro of the article as it appeared on the Sunday Nation.

According to documents in possession of the Nation, Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner General John Njiraini, who is among the State officers the National Super Alliance wants charged with being involved in partisan politics, is a board member of the foundation as well as a signatory to FJF’s bank accounts. Also on the board is Energy Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge. He, too, is listed as a signatory to the foundation’s accounts.

Another public officer who sits on the board of the Foundation is the chairman of Kenya Leather Development Council Board Titus Ibui,” the article by Menya further states.

Critics have accused the government of curtailing on press freedom and for punishing the journalist for “rattling a snake” with the story.

Questions have also been raised about the source of the news Menya’s arrest, one Pauline Njoroge (a blogger associated with the government), who not only broke the news on social media but had exclusive photos and video footage on the arrest as well.

In an article titled  “Something fishy about the arrest of ‘Nation’ writer”, by Bernard Mwinzi, which was published in the daily nation on Monday, the writer also raised similar questions on the blogger’s involvement in the Walter Menya saga, terming the unfolding of events as “unusual

“At the time, neither the senior management at Nation Media Group nor Mr Menya’s immediate supervisor knew that something was afoot.

Yet a blogger was getting first-hand information from inside one of Kenya’s most secure institutions, for onward publication on social media.

Whichever way you look at it, this reeks of a scheme to humiliate Mr Menya and, by extension, his employer,” the article reads in part.

“To a casual observer, this was just another titillating story that needed to set Facebook and Twitter afire, but when you start looking at it from the wider perspective of media freedom in Kenya and the regular assault on mainstream publishers within Kenya’s democratic space, you begin to see a worrying trend, ” the author says in the article.

Mr Menya is still in police custody but is expected to be released by 5pm today after Senior Principal Magistrate Martha Mutuku on Monday allowed a police request to hold him for one more day to allow investigators to gather more evidence.

So what exactly is happening in the Menya saga? is it a case of a crooked journalist caught in the act or that of a rogue police force being used by the system to silent whistleblowers?






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empty shelves in Nakumatt Stores

“You need it, we got it” has been the slogan for Nakumatt Holdings, unfortunately, that phrase can currently be termed as outright “deceptive” going by the current financial woes facing the retail store, which has left most shelves in their branches empty as apprehensive suppliers have kept off.

I used to shop at Nakumatt but not anymore, nowadays it’s difficult to find everything you need from the stores. The shelves are empty” said Abby, a middle-class consumer who shared her experience with the Kenya Forum.

“I stopped going to Nakumatt when 5 out of every 10 items I needed when shopping were out of stock. I hope it doesn’t turn out as another Uchumi” said another consumer, Mercy.

Nakumatt, touted as Kenya’s largest supermarket chain, has been having a financial crisis and is reported to have accumulated a huge debt from Sh4.7 billion in 2012 to an estimated Sh18 billion as at April 2017.

In January this year, the cash-strapped Nakumatt sold a 25% stake to an international investor in a deal that would see the retailer receive $75 million. However, the windfall of the deal has delayed and slow operations are hurting its cash flows.

Reports indicate that the retailer has not paid its employees their May salaries.

“The supermarket, which runs the highest number of outlets in East Africa, had by Monday not paid 1,555 employees their May salaries and had sent more than 100 on compulsory leave, citing low business volumes,” the Business Daily reported.

Some employees told the Business Daily that Nakumatt has also not been remitting statutory deductions to various agencies such as the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and National Social Security Fund (NSSF, but the retailer insists they are up to date.

“We had a delay in some salary payments. The restructuring has taken longer than anticipated and affected some of our liabilities,” Andrew Dixon, Nakumatt’s marketing director, told the Business Daily.

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Hero Dominic Troulan


Queen Elizabeth II has awarded the highest civilian honour for gallantry, the George Cross, to Dominic Troulan, a Briton living in Nairobi, for his action in saving lives during the terror attack on the Westgate Shopping Mall in September 2013 in which 67 people died.

Mr Troulan, aged 54, a retired army major who served for 20 years in British special forces, is the first person to be given the prestigious medal in 41 years. He now works as a security consultant in Kenya.


When the terrorists attacked the Westgate Mall shooting at shoppers, Dominic Troulan, armed with just a pistol, immediately went to the scene to try and find a fiend’s wife and her daughter, which he did, leading them to safety.

Over several hours Mr Troulan went back into the shopping centre more than twelve times escorting many other shoppers to safety.

The citation for the award of the George Cross reads: “He was fired on twice by the terrorists but managed to force them back… exhausted, dehydrated and at the limit of his mental capacity. He was about to stop when a distress call was received from a woman who was trapped, injured and bleeding. Once again, Mr Troulan entered the mall and brought the woman to safety”.

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Blessing and Favour, co-joined twins separated in landmark surgery in Kenya

The co-joined twins, who were separated in Kenya’s historic surgery, were yesterday discharged from the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), where they have been under observation for the last eight months.

Doctors at the Kenyatta National Hospital successfully separated Blessing and Favour on 1st November 2016, in a delicate  23-hour surgery that was touted as a major breakthrough in Africa’s healthcare as it’s the first ever sarcophagus surgery in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Prior to the surgery, the Siamese twins had been admitted in the Specialized Surgical Paediatric Ward for over two years to allow development of key organs and also enable them gain appropriate muscles to withstand the surgery.

Blessing and Favour were born each fully formed but their lower spines and rump were fused together and they shared an excretory opening.

Doctors have said they will continue to closely monitor the girl’s internal organs.




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KFCB bans cartoons with gay content

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has banned six cartoons, which it says have gay content.

The cartoons include Loud House, the Legend of the Korra and Hey Arnold, which are animation children programs available on Nickelodeon (DSTV) and Clarance, Steven Universe and Adventure Time, all available on Cartoon Network.

KFCB chief executive officer, Ezekiel Mutua, through a statement said the board launched investigations following public complaints that programmes promoting homosexuality are airing on Nickelodeon and Disney and established that they are indeed legitimate.

“Most of these programs target vulnerable children with subtle messages that are deliberately designed to corrupt their moral judgment regarding the institution of family,” the statement reads.

Most parents in Kenya may not be aware that the children’s programs are laced with retrogressive and bizarre messages intended to promote the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender agenda in the country,” KFCB further states, urging parents to be vigilant in monitoring the content their children are watching on television.

KFCB further says that the cartoons bear misleading age suitability ratings that are inconsistent with the content classification guidelines and indeed against the laws of Kenya and has written to Multichoice and asked the network to immediately discontinue the broadcasting, distribution or exhibition of the programmes.

The ban on the cartoons comes just weeks after KFCB banned the Blue Whale online game, which was allegedly driving teenagers to commit suicide.



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