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How well you did you do in answering the 50 questions set by the Kenya Forum in our grear Christmas quiz? Here are the answers (undelined)…

How deep is fathom?

Is it:

  1. a. 3 feet?
  2. b. 5 feet?
  3. c. 6 feet?
  4. d. 12 feet?


What fish does caviare come from?

Is it:

  1. a. Sole?
  2. b. Salmon?
  3. c. Sturgeon?
  4. d. Trout?


What does the spice saffron come from?

Is it:

  1. a. The flowers of the daffodil?
  2. b. The leaves of the ash tree?
  3. c. The bulbs of the narcissus?
  4. d. The stigmas of crocus?


Who painted Guernica?

Is it:

  1. a. Salvador Dali?
  2. b. Picasso?
  3. c. Goya?
  4. d. Velasquez?


What does the Roman numeral L stand for?

Is it:

  1. a. 40?
  2. b. 50?
  3. c. 500?
  4. d. 1000?


What country is crossed by both the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn?

Is it:

  1. a. Argentina?
  2. b. Brazil?
  3. c. Peru?
  4. d. Zaire?


How many years of marriage are celebrated by a sapphire wedding anniversary?

Is it:

  1. a. Thirty years?
  2. b. Forty years?
  3. c. Forty-five years?
  4. d. Fifty years?


What is the colour of the Gemini sign of the Zodiac?

Is it

  1. a. Yellow?
  2. b. Green?
  3. c. Blue?
  4. d. Orange?


In which sport is the term coquille used?

Is it:

  1. a. Lacrosse?
  2. b. Skiing?
  3. c. Skateboarding?
  4. d. Fencing?


Which was Walt Disney’s first full length cartoon?

Was it:

  1. a. Pinocchio?
  2. b. Fantasia?
  3. c. Bambi?
  4. d. Snow white and the seven dwarfs?


What is the amber made of?

Is it:

  1. a. Plastic?
  2. b. Glass?
  3. c. Fossilized resin?
  4. d. Dried fruits?


When did the Pilgrim  Fathers land in North America?

Was it:

  1. a. 1616?
  2. b. 1620?
  3. c. 1630?
  4. d. 1645?


What is an eland?

Is it?

  1. a. A young eel?
  2. b. A jutting-out piece of land that is not quite an island?
  3. c. A unit of currency?
  4. d. An African antelope?


How many vertebrae are there in a giraffe’s neck?

Is it:

  1. a. Thirty-two?
  2. b. Fifty?
  3. c. Seven?
  4. d. Ten?


What is known as a fool’s gold?

Is it:

  1. a. Brass?
  2. b. Citrine?
  3. c. Iron pyrites?
  4. d. Mica?


When did the Wright brothers take the first flight in a petrol- powered aeroplane?

Was it in:

  1. a. 1897?
  2. b. 1903?
  3. c. 1919?
  4. d. 1925?


How many clubs are there in a set of golf clubs?

Are there:

  1. a. Eight?
  2. b. Ten?
  3. c. Twelve?
  4. d. Fourteen?


Which man-made structure can be seen from outer space?

Is it:

  1. a. Hadrian’s wall?
  2. b. The great wall of China?
  3. c. The Rockefeller Centre of New York
  4. d. The Sydney Opera House?


What is the earth’s smallest continent?

Is it:

  1. a. Australia?
  2. b. Antarctica?
  3. c. Africa?
  4. d. Europe?


Which planet is nearest to the sun?

Is it:

  1. a. Venus?
  2. b. Mercury?
  3. c. Mars?
  4. d. Saturn?

How many points is an unconverted try worth in rugby?

Is it:

  1. a. One point?
  2. b. Two points?
  3. c. Three points?
  4. d. Four points?
  5. e. Five points?


What is the longest navigable river in the world?

Is it:

  1. a. The Amazon?
  2. b. The Nile?
  3. c. The Mississippi?
  4. d. The Yellow River?


What is the biggest lake in the world (excluding seas)?

Is it:

  1. a. Lake Superior?
  2. b. Lake Victoria?
  3. c. Lake Huron?
  4. d. Lake Michigan?


What is the solar plexus?

Is it:

  1. a. The base of the neck?
  2. b. A network of nerves?
  3. c. The ‘funny bone’ in the elbow?
  4. d. The small toe?


Which capital city is the coldest in the world?

Is it:

  1. a. Moscow?
  2. b. Ottawa?
  3. c. Ulan Bator?
  4. d. Reykjavik?


When was the Panama Canal completed?

Was it in:

  1. a. 1850?
  2. b. 1900?
  3. c. 1914?
  4. d. 1930?


Who was the first man to believe that the Earth went round the Sun, rather than the other way round?

Was it:

  1. a. Archimedes?
  2. b. Nicholaus Copernicus?
  3. c. Leonardo da Vinci?
  4. d. Galileo Galilei?


Which car manufacturer depicts a black rearing horse as its badge?

Is it:

  1. a. BMW?
  2. b. Lamborghini?
  3. c. Ferrari?
  4. d. Porsche?


What was the city of Beijing formerly known as?

Was it:

  1. a. Shanghai?
  2. b. Hanoi?
  3. c. Phnom Penh?
  4. d. Peking?


When was the Boy Scout movement founded?

Was it in:

  1. a. 1901?
  2. b. 1903?
  3. c. 1907?
  4. d. 1925?


When was the United Nations set up?

Was it:

  1. a. 1918?
  2. b. 1945?
  3. c. 1948?
  4. d. 1950?


Which Greek philosopher lived in a barrel?

Was it:

  1. a. Aristotle?
  2. b. Plato?
  3. c. Epicurus?
  4. d. Diogenes?


When was Shakespeare born?

Was it:

  1. a. 1558?
  2. b. 1564?
  3. c. 1580?
  4. d. 1590?


What is myrrh?

Is it?

  1. a. A root?
  2. b. A resin?
  3. c. A leaf?
  4. d. A flower?


A female mosquito can produce an enormous number of offspring in a year. How many?

Is it:

  1. a. 1,000,000?
  2. b. 5,000,000?
  3. c. 50,000,000?
  4. d. 150,000,000?


Which planet is the only one to rotate clock wise?

Is it:

  1. a. Venus?
  2. b. Mars?
  3. c. Mercury?
  4. d. Jupiter?


How fast can an ostrich run?

Is it:

  1. a. 28mph/45kph?
  2. b. 35mph/56kph?
  3. c. 40mph/64kph?
  4. d. 45mph/72kph


How many times its own height can a flee jump?

Is it approximately:

  1. a. 50 times?
  2. b. 80 times?
  3. c. 100 times?
  4. d. 130 times?


How many chambers are there in a heart?

Are there:

  1. a. One?
  2. b. Two?
  3. c. Three?
  4. d. Four?


Of what is Pb the chemical symbol?

Is it?

  1. a. Plutonium?
  2. b. Platinum?
  3. c. Lead?
  4. d. Iron?


What is the largest island in the world, excluding Australia?

Is it:

  1. a. New Guinea?
  2. b. Greenland?
  3. c. Great Britain?
  4. d. Borneo?


What is the capital city of Syria?

Is it:

  1. a. Baghdad?
  2. b. Amman?
  3. c. Beirut?
  4. d. Damascus?


Which is the largest bird in the world?

Is it:

  1. a. The albatross?
  2. b. The condor?
  3. c. The marabou stork?
  4. d. The ostrich?


What is acetic acid better known as?

Is it:

  1. a. Lemon juice?
  2. b. Vinegar?
  3. c. Aspirin?
  4. d. Tea?


How many hills surround Rome?

Is it:

  1. a. Ten?
  2. b. Seven?
  3. c. Three?
  4. d. Two?


What is the largest sea in the world?

Is it:

  1. a. The Mediterranean Sea?
  2. b. The Bering Sea?
  3. c. The Barents Sea?
  4. d. The South China Sea?


What is the largest island sea in the world?

Is it:

  1. a. The Caspian Sea?
  2. b. The Black Sea?
  3. c. The Dead Sea?
  4. d. The Aral Sea?


Which is our largest ocean?

Is it:

  1. a. The Pacific?
  2. b. The Atlantic?
  3. c. The Southern?
  4. d. The Arctic?


What colour are copper sulphate crystals?

Are they:

  1. a. Blue?
  2. b. Green?
  3. c. White?
  4. d. Reddish-brown?


What does a philatelist collect?

Is it:

  1. a. Coins?
  2. b. Militaria?
  3. c. Shells?
  4. d. Stamps?

Who Killed Dr Robert Ouko and Why?


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