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Airlines Now Offering Free Date Change on Flights Owing to Travel Disruptions Over COVID -19

Airlines Now Offering Free Date Change on Flights Owing to Travel Disruptions Over COVID -19

A good number of International Airlines have waived their date change fees on flights for the next couple of months, in order t0 give their clients “flexibility” and a “piece of Mind” when planning their travel in the wake of the massive travel disruptions occasioned by the Corona Virus Outbreak.

Etihad Airlines was among the first Airlines to announce the extension of a free date change to their clients, in an email shared on Sunday.

“Dear ****  we understand that committing to your next trip is tricky at the moment. And that more than ever before, you want to travel with flexibility and peace of mind. We’ve got you covered. To give you the freedom to change your travel plans if you need to throughout 2020, we’ve removed our date change fees on all flights booked including GuestSeats, between 8 March and 7 April 2020,” Etihad Airlines said in the mail.

U.S. Airline Fee Waivers Over Covid-19 Travel Fears

US airlines including Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue and Hawaiian,  have also waived the date change fees, which can cost between $75 to $200 per ticket.

“Change fees will be waived for tickets purchased for any destination through March 31; these tickets can be rebooked for travel through January 2021. Note: You must make changes at least two weeks before take-off,” American Airline announced.

Air Canada, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Waive Flight Date Change Fees

Other International Airlines that have waived flights date change fees are Air Canada, Air France, British Airways, KLM and Virgin Atlantic.

Global Events, Conferences and Sports Tournaments Canceled Over Coronavirus Outbreak

Early this week, in an article titled,…….. we cautioned our readers who might be planning to travel for international events against booking flights and hotels following the cancellation of numerous global events over the Covid-19 scare. Read the full article HERE.

Nearly 200 people die in Italy in last 24 hours from coronavirus

Italy is the hardest hit  European Country by the virus. According to an update issued on Thursday by the country’s Civil Protection Agency, the death toll from the outbreak of coronavirus has jumped in the last 24 hours by 189 people, bringing the number of total fatalities to 1,016.

The Corona Virus Outbreak broke out in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

More than 4,613 people have died and over 126,000 have been infected globally, according to the WHO. According to Johns Hopkins University, which is tracking the virus, about 68,000 victims have recovered.

Coronavirus In Africa

Rwanda Installs public hand-wash facilities at Bus-Stops to control Coronavirus

There are now more than 100 cases reported in 11 countries in Africa according to the latest updates by WHO.

Egypt takes the lead with the highest number of reported COVID-19 cases  (59).  A German citizen in Egypt reportedly accounted for the first death from the virus in the country.

South Africa has 13 cases of the virus so far, Algeria ( 20), Tunisia ( 5), Senegal  (4), Cameron (2) and Nigeria have only reported 2 cases so far, which according to the officials they have contained to control the spreading of the much-dreaded virus.

Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi have not recorded any cases so far.


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