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Cruelty in China – Uproar after Viral Videos Show Africans Suffering in China

Cruelty in China – Uproar after Viral Videos Show Africans Suffering in China

Kenyans on Twitter, popularly known as KOT, have taken to social media to demand for accountability from the government on the measures it is taking to help Kenyans who are stranded in China following the alleged racial discrimination faced by Africans from Chinese landlords in the aftermath of the corona virus outbreak.

According to the videos that have been circulating on social media, a group of men of African origin, mostly Nigerians and Kenyans can be seen sleeping on the streets in groups.

They alleged having been forcefully evicted out of their houses by Chinese landlords and generally being racially discriminated upon in the country as the police have refused to help them as well.

The Kenyans living  in Guangdong are said to be the most hit by the ill-treatment and  are asking the government to assist them return home.

According to messages shared on social media, and private whatsApp messages shared with family and friends, the Kenyans in china have reached to the Kenyan Embassy in China but they have not refused any help.

The Kenyan Ambassador to China, Sarah Serem has received a backlash for remaining silent on the matter as Kenyans continue to suffer in the foreign land.

Hashtags; #ChinaMustExplain and #BringKenyansInChinaHome have been trending on twitter as angry Africans across the globe condemn China for mistreating fellow human beings over Corona virus, when they country is the source of the pandemic.


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