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Female Doctors Take to Social Media to Protest Contraversial Study – #MedBikini

Female Doctors Take to Social Media to Protest Contraversial Study – #MedBikini

A medical study  has provoked a widespread social media storm ; #MedBikini, for criticizing female doctors who post photos of themselves in bikini on social media, calling it “provacative” and “unprofessional”.

The journal, titled, “Prevalence of unprofessional social media content among young vascular surgeons” was published online behind a paywall on December 25, 2019 in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, looked at the social media accounts of 480 recent vascular-surgery graduates between 2016 and 2018.

The journal, which became accessible to the public a week ago, further considers social media posts where Medics hold alcohol, wear inappropriate attire, and give opinion on controversial social topics as “potentially unprofessional.”

Account holders who self-identified as vascular surgeons were more likely to be associated with unprofessional social media behavior. Young surgeons should be aware of the permanent public exposure of unprofessional content that can be accessed by peers, patients, and current/future employers,” the study says in part.

Female doctors have trashed the article as utter “misogynism” and are taking to social media in protest under the hashtag #MedBikini to post their bikini photos saying they too have  social lives .

Below are some of the tweets under #MedBikini

Jessica L Simpson, MPH #whitecoatsforblacklives : Is wearing a white coat at all times a requirement to be deemed “professional”? Being fun, sexy, smart & hard-working can co-exist. Wearing a swimsuit and posting it on my social media doesn’t hinder me from providing competent & compassionate medical care. #MedBikini
Sana Ashraf : I don’t have a #MedBikini pic but I do have a pic of me, a first gen Pakistani American hijab wearing Muslim woman living my best life. For some, my mere existence in medicine is unprofessional. For most, I hope it’s an example of why diversity and inclusion is important.
Agustina#MedBikini My new years resolution was to not whine about every little thing that bothers me but I’m TIRED of seeing that everything that doesn’t fit into the white cis male life parameter is perceived as wrong. Female health workers should be able to do as they please- (cont)
Magda WamuyuLoving the #MedBikini movement because healthcare professionals are people too and we deserve to feel good about ourselves. You can wear a bikini on social media and go out for drinks on the weekend and still be professional in the hospital no correlation.
 Jennifer Rodney MD: Enjoying a mimosa in a bathing suit does not change my committment to my career or to my patients. Physicians deserve to enjoy life too. #medbikini

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