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“Give full Disclosure of COVID-19 funds” – Martha Karua Speaks

“Give full Disclosure of COVID-19 funds” – Martha Karua Speaks

Narc party leader Martha Karua has asked the government to give full disclosure and accountability of the Covid-19 funds and equipment from all sources including loans, grants, donations and in-kind support both locally and internationally.

The former Gichugu Mp Martha Karua, who was speaking in a press conference today, observed that majority of Kenyans are barely surviving and accused President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government of having failed on a magnitude scale.

“Majority of Kenyans cannot afford to be alive. We are aware today that the government has received billions from external partners, re-allocated and appropriated billions from the last budget, including through supplementary budget, allocated more billions in the current budget and received billions from individuals well-wishers and private businesses and entities in Kenya, it is reasonable to expect a more robust, transparent and human response from the government but that has not been the case instead the pandemic seems to have opened floodgates for abuse of public finance and reasonable flouting of procurement laws and abuse of supplementary budgets for purposes that are not consistent with public interest,” Martha Karua said.

“Collapsed Government”

Karua further accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of running a collapsed government that continues to kill the economy through corruption and over taxing of its citizens saying Kenyans deserve better.

“For all practical purposes, this government has collapsed. The only things that seems to be functioning in this government are misprocurement, taxation and political patronage. Kenyans deserve better,” she said.


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