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The Kenya Forum Editorial Policy

The Kenya Forum tasks it contributors to write informative, thought-provoking and fact-checked articles and reports on any subject that may be of interest to Kenyans.

Writers for the Kenya Forum are asked to submit articles, written in their own style, only on subjects about which they have knowledge, or have gained verifiable information, and which thus gives them insight and an authority to write about and comment on the given subject.

Articles can be hard-hitting, critical and even controversial if supported by the facts and based on objective analysis. The Kenya Forum however, will not publish any article that contravenes the laws, or the constitution of, the Republic of Kenya.

The Kenya Forum will not accept articles for publication that are based on hearsay, or unsubstantiated gossip, or that are misleading, gratuitously offensive, or personally abusive.

The Kenya Forum is not supported by, or supports, any particular political party, political organization, or donor agencies in Kenya or anywhere in the world.

The Kenya Forum believes that it is right to give praise where praise is due, and to criticize where it is justified, without fear or favour.

The Kenya Forum believes that honest and informed debate is healthy for us all as individuals, as it is for the nation.

The Kenya Forum believes the old dictums that it is right to “afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted” and that “it can be difficult to speak truth to power” (but it is necessary to do so).

Ultimately the Kenya Forum’s editorial policy is to question, inform and entertain based on verifiable facts and objective analysis.


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