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Legendary photojournalist Sir Mohinder Dhillon dies at 88

Legendary photojournalist Sir Mohinder Dhillon dies at 88

Kenya’s celebrated photojournalist Sir Mohinder Dhillon (88) has died.

Mohinder, who was nicknamed  The “seven million dollar cameraman”, reportedly succumbed to pneumonia on Monday morning at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi.

Mohinder was the founder of film/cinematography company Africapix.

Dhillon had covered some of the world’s iconic leaders and moments as well.

He was the official filmmaker for the Ethiopian monarch, Emperor Haile Selassie with whom he travelled the world over. He also had the rare opportunity of photographing Ugandan dictator Idi Amin for over eight years. He also covered dangerous and life-threatening political conflicts in Congo and in Zanzibar in 1964.

It was also sir Mohinder film of the tragic 1984 Ethiopian famine that finally moved the world into action resulting in one of the biggest famine relief operations in history.

Sir Mohinder released his autobiography, My Camera, My Life:  The “seven million dollar cameraman” in 2016.


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