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Likoni Tragedy Vehicle “Located”

Likoni Tragedy Vehicle “Located”

Government spokesman Cyrus Oguna has said that the vehicle that sunk at the Indian Ocean, killing Mariam Kigenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu has possibly been traced by the Kenya Navy.

Oguna, however, maintained that although the navy has made the report and submitted photos showing a car laying deep in the ocean, they are yet to confirm that it’s the same car they have been out to recover and will issue a statement once the number plate is confirmed.

According to Oguna, divers sighted the car-like object sitting 58 meters deep at the sea bed of the Likoni crossing channel at 2 pm on Wednesday.

He also further stated that he cannot confirm if the victims’ bodies are still in the car.

“What is remaining is about 10 percent. We need to confirm the number plate of that vehicle to ascertain if indeed it is the one that sunk into the channel on September 29,” he said.

Mariam and her 4-year-old daughter died on September 29 when their vehicle slid off the MV Harambee mid-stream and plunged into the ocean.

Public Uproar After Car Falls off Likoni Ferry Kills Mother and 4 year old Daughter


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