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Miriam Kigenda and Daughter Still Laying In Ocean 72 hours After Their Car Sunk

Miriam Kigenda and Daughter Still Laying In Ocean 72 hours After Their Car Sunk

The bodies woman and her four-year-old child who drowned on Sunday at the Likoni Crossing Channel, after their vehicle slid off a ferry, are yet to be retrieved three days after the incident.

Left helpless and distraught, the family of Miriam Kigenda and her daughter can only wait for the officials to get done with the slow recovery operation, which has triggered a massive public uproar.

How can we allow a mother & daughter to lie in the bottom of the sea over 48Hrs & still run the Ferry Services normally? And why is KFS Board & Management still in office? Why hasn’t the Minister for Transport resigned? What kind of moral degeneration is this? #LikoniFerryTragedy”  Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir said in a tweet.

“It’s bad enough that there were no prompt efforts to rescue the two immediately the plunged into the ocean, which could have saved them, and much worse when we are yet to retrieve their bodies” Mercy Kerich, a concerned citizen posed in a tweet.

Kenya Ferry Services had on Monday said that the car was laying 60 metres deep in the ocean but their oxygen masks can only last divers up to 30 metres deep.
Kenya Navy officials have been put on the spot for not responding to the disaster when their teams were just within the scene of the disaster, training for Mashujaa Day celebrations.
Mariam Kigenda (35) and her daughter Amanda (4) died on Sunday evening when their vehicle slid off the moving Mv Harambee ferry midstream, plunging into the Indian Ocean.

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