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Mzee Gilbert Muteshi – Man who successfully Sued Ruto Over Land Dead

Mzee Gilbert Muteshi – Man who successfully Sued Ruto Over Land Dead

Mzee Gilbert Muteshi, a man from Eldoret, who had taken Deputy President William Ruto (then as an MP for Eldoret North) to court after he grabbed his 100 acres in the wake of the 2007-2008 post-election violence has died.

Muteshi, who is a native of Western Kenya, successfully sued DP Dr William Ruto (then as MP for Eldoret North) over 100 acres land via civil suit No. 510 of 2010. Muteshi also sued the Attorney General, Commissioner of Lands. 

In the case, Muteshi claimed that Ruto illegally took his piece of land in Kaptabei Scheme, Uasin Gishu, after the 2007-2008 post-election violence. In 2011, the farmer told the court that six workers at his 100-acre farm in Kaptabei Scheme, Uasin Gishu, were kicked out of the property in 2008 and have been unable to return since then.

In the year 1992 following tribal clashes in the Turbo West area of the Uasin Gishu District, the plaintiff’s farm was raided and animals stolen. The plaintiff nevertheless remained in the possession of the said parcel of land carrying on farming activities albeit on a reduced scale as the plaintiff remained in fear for the security of his staff on the farm. The said state of affairs continued until January 2008 or thereabouts when again after the disputed elections of December 2007 the plaintiff’s farm was invaded by Kalenjin tribesmen who turbulently drove away the plaintiff’s dairy cattle, sheep and goats and converted his tractors and farm tools and equipment. The said tribesmen chased away the plaintiff’s staff under threats of brutal death. The plaintiff’s efforts to regain possession of the property have been thwarted as his workers are threatened with sure deaths should they return to the farm, which incidentally is situated within the Eldoret South Constituency neighbouring the Eldoret North Constituency,” reads a section of the court papers  in the suit filed by Muteshi.

In a ruling delivered on 23rd June 2013, Justice Ougo ruled among other things that the process of subdivision of Title No. Uasin Gishu/Tapsagoi/33 undertaken by Dorothy and any transaction on the said land null and void.

The judge further directed The District Land Registrar to reinstate the register and Title for title number Uasin Gishu/33 in Muteshi’s name. The judge further ordered the 1st 2nd 3rd and 5th Defendant to pay the plaintiff the litigation costs.

In 2012, Mzee Muteshi told The Standard newspaper that Ruto had apologised to him over the saga, claiming that he had been defrauded by the woman (Dorthy Jemutai Yator) who had allegedly sold it to him.


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