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Public Uproar After Car Falls off Likoni Ferry Kills Mother and 4 year old Daughter

Public Uproar After Car Falls off Likoni Ferry Kills Mother and 4 year old Daughter

The Kenya Ferry Services has received a public backlash following an accident on Sunday evening at the Likoni crossing channel that saw a saloon car with occupants, who have seen been identified fall off one of the ferries and plunge into the Indian ocean.

According to Kenya Ferry Services, the car, a Toyota ISIS, reversed and plunged into the ocean aboard MV. Harambee while plying to the island side at1815hrs.

In a video circulating online, the car can be seen floating on the water surface briefly as helpless onlookers cry for help before it gets submerged in the ocean.

The car and occupants are yet to be found by rescue teams.

Mariam Kigenda, 35, and her four-year-old daughter are reported to have been the occupants in the car.

According to the Kenya Ferry Services, the vehicle is lying 60m deep in the channel but available oxygen tanks can only last divers for only 30m deep.

Officials, however, said they were currently in talks with the Kenya Navy to get more oxygen.

Below are some of the reactions shared on twitter

Daniel Omondi : What happened at #LikoniFerry is uncalled for. This wasn’t meant to happen in the 21st century. Somebody must be sleeping at his job…

Punda AmechokaThere are many safety concerns at #LikoniFerry. 1) No screening of persons & vehicles 2) No safety instructions r announced, should happen like on flight 3) Passengers & vehicles should not be allowed close to the deck that should ave some protection like a barrier chain 4) Fire.
ItsBravin: I’m trying to imagine those horrifying last seconds when the victims realised that for sure this is it.. No one’s coming for us.. We’re sinking.. And their loved ones who’ve been left watching this traumatizing video clip. I am crushed. I’m ashamed for my country#LikoniFerry

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