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#StopHateForProfits – Facebook Facing Widespread AD Boycott

#StopHateForProfits – Facebook Facing Widespread AD Boycott

Facebook has been facing a widespread Ad Boycott under the campaign #StopHateForProfits and big brands have already jumped in the campaign.

The #StopHateForProfits was started in June by U.S. civil rights groups, who enlisted companies to boycott advertising with Facebook for the month of July inorder to help pressure Facebook into taking steps to block hate speech in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Campaign and fight for racial justice.

Facebook is accused of allegedly allowing “incitement  to  violence  against  protesters  fighting  for racial justice in America in the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor,  Tony  McDade,  Ahmaud  Arbery,  Rayshard  Brooks  and  so  many others”.

They named Breitbart News a “trusted news source” and made The Daily Caller a “fact checker” despite both publications having records of working with known white nationalists.They  turned  a  blind  eye  to  blatant  voter  suppression  on  their  platform.

Could they protect and support Black users? Could they call out Holocaust denial as hate? Could they help get out the vote?

They absolutely could. But they are actively choosing not to do so.” reads a section of a ststement posted on the Stop Hate For Profits campaign website.

Big brands like Coco cola, Ford, Uniliver, Starbucks, Japanese carmaker Honda Motor Co. and US chocolate manufacturer Hersheys Company joined the global ad boycott campaign ‘Stop Hate for Profit’.

99% of Facebook’s $70 billion is made through advertising and the Stop Hate For Profits campaign is definately a blow to the social media giant.

Facebook, in response to the allegations, last week acknowledged it has more work to do and is teaming up with civil rights groups and experts to develop more tools to fight hate speech and said it was making use of artificial aintelligence to flag 90 per cent of hate speech before users report it.


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