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Prezzo exposed by ex-wife over irresponsibility

There is a ‘storm’ that has engulfed social media in Kenya and it comes in the form of a new Facebook group going by the name Deadbeat Kenya, which is out to expose runaway parents.

As expected, men make up the majority of the culprits being exposed considering that it’s the woman who mostly bears all primary responsibilities of a child since its conception.

Deadbeat Kenya is barely a week old but by the time this article was posted it had 55,156 members up from 27,273 yesterday at 4pm.

“This is a descriptive term that refers to parents of either gender who have freely choosen not to be supportive parents, or who do not pay their child support obligations. Deadbeat dad and deadbeat mom are commonly used by child support agencies to refer to men and women who have fathered and mothered a child but are unwilling to pay child support ordered by a family court or statutory agency,” reads the group’s description which has been posted by one Jackson Njeru, who is the admin of the group.


Daisy Kiplagat, the ex-wife to flamboyant singe/rapper Prezzo has become the first woman to expose a personality who has absconded his parental responsibilities.

“You all know this monster called Jackson Ngechu Kimotho Makini aka Prezzo. I have not seen or communicated with him since my daughter was 2 yrs. I finally took him to court to pay child support and upkeep of the child and up to date hasn’t paid a dime. He goes around on TV and since he is able to hold a mic or have fake written interviews he is always claiming to be taking his daughter to the best school in Kenya and that she is her princess spoils her rotten. He has never paid her fees never paid any dime for her up keep all this is my sweat and my blessed parents and family support,” reads a section of daisy’s posted on dead beat Kenya.”

Well, going by the buzz on social media, the biggest fear for some married women popularly referred to as DW (Darling Wife) is to find their DH (Darling Husbands) exposed in Dead Beat Kenya.


Although most people are excited about the forum, a section of others are opposed to the group.

“I need to say something…..we dont get ourselves pregnant alone……while men are buzzy saying they are trapped…..its unspeakable since nobody is forced to have sex without a condom…if you know you are not ready for a baby why then dont you use one? For your info contraceptives are not 100% effective hence they do backfire at one given point….Fathers Take responsibility as men…put down that crap of being trapped!!!!Its not that these women need your money you can be taking the kids to hospital personally…shopping…..and checking on their progress in school! Do you have an idea on how it is to grow without a father?? No wonder men neglect kids but are never happy with their marriages because they are carrying curses..>!! So where do you want these women to air their grievances if most of you can buy yourself out from the legal fraternity!!! Kudos to the admin and shame on you DEAD BEAT DAD’s hehehe someone is coming after you…man up and own up!…‪#‎MYTWOCENTS#”, one Susan Wairimu Metta posts on the page.

According to another member, Paul Namwamba, some women might just maliciously expose an innocent man.

“Where is Justice here? Just seen a well known whore exposing a friend who has not sired with her nor anyone else cos she demanded 5k for a night and was given 3k! How do you authenticate truth from pure malice here? At this rate, the page will fizzle out fast as it came.”

Well, if you are a runaway ‘deadbeat’ dad, be warned…..Kenya is watching.


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