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Following the historic embarrassment that the Samba Boys suffered in the hands of Germany last night, Brazil’s coach Felipe Scolari boldly took the blame for the loss.

“We tried to do what we could, we did what we thought was our best and we lost to a great team who ended the match with four goals scored in extraordinary manner,” said Scolari. “I’d ask the people to excuse us for this mistake. I’m sorry we couldn’t get to the final. This is a loss. A catastrophic, terrible loss. The worst loss by a Brazilian national team ever, yes. But we have to learn to deal with that.

“Who is responsible? Who is responsible for picking the team? I am. It’s me. So the catastrophic result can be shared by the whole group, and my players will tell you we will share our responsibilities, but who decided the tactics? I did. So the person responsible is me. I did what I thought was best. This was only our third defeat in 28 matches, even if it was a terrible defeat. Naturally, if I were to think of my life as a player, as a coach, as a teacher, this was the worst day of my life. But life goes on. I’ll be remembered probably because I lost 7-1, the worst defeat Brazil have ever had, but that was a risk I knew I was taking when I accepted this position.” he said.

For a country that dreams, eats and sleeps football, the embarrassing defeat under the hands of the Germans was a national tragedy.

German made history as the 7-1 win was the biggest in the history of the World Cup semi-finals; never has a team won with such a margin.


The historic defeat not only broke the World Cup record, but Twitter record as well; the tweeting record of the game hit 580,166 per minute after Khedira’s goal.

The goals came in fast and furious scored by Muller (11), Klose (23), Kroos (24, 26) and Khedira (29). The Brazilian defence was all over the place and the midfield offered no protection to the back four.

In the second half, German’s substitute Schurrle scored a brace (69, 79) and a section of the Brazilian fans celebrated the goals probably because they were fantastic goals or they were just expressing their frustrations.

Oscar scored a consolation goal at the 90th minute. Boos and tears of disappointments were heard and seen all over the stadium after the final whistle. Neymar and Captain T. Silva were the missing link in the Brazilian squad. But how different could it be if the two were playing?

Some football pundits had suggested before this game that Brazil is a one man team and yesterday they were proved right.

Kenyans as usual were not left behind in the worldwide mockery of the samba boys that went viral on social media.


#NeymarWhileYouWereAway coined in tune with the popular slogan, #BabaWhileYouWereAway has been trending since last night.

#NeymarWhileYouWereAway they took 7’s from Masaku to Brazil.

#NeymarWhileYouWereAway Saba Saba arrived one day late in Brazil

#NeymarWhileYouWereAway Julio Ceser alimeza family planning pills, hawezi shika ball/Ceser took family planning pills the goal couldn’t get through



Cesar (10%) if this keeper was a bank he would have been shut down, the savings he was offering were terrible. Maicon (15%) he was the only serious defender last night. Dante (2%) he replaced T Silva, and did not come close to fit in the skipper’s shoes. David Luiz (2%) he was to offer leadership as the stand in captain but failed the team. Marcello (3%) he went up in attack but exposed his team at the back. Gustavo and Fernandinho (10%) they could not offer any protection to the center backs.

Hulk (15%) tried to offer attacking options on the wings but Lamh was too good 4 him. Bernard (5%) he was the replacement for Neymer and was very poor. Oscar (25%) maybe the only player who tried to give something into the game, no wonder he cried at the end of it all. Fred (1%) the flop of the match, does not deserve the number 9 jersey of the great Ronaldo of Brazil.

GERMANY- Neuer (85%) arguably the best keeper in the world today he offered fantastic saves. Lahm (90%) led by example and made Hulk look like an ordinary winger. Hummels and Howedes (70%) they had very little to do. Boateng (80%) proved to the coach he was the right man on that position. Schweinsteiger (80%) – the engine of the team. Khedira (90%) did all the donkey work and scored twice. Kroos (85%) excellent work rate. Ozil (70%) did not score but turned provider. Muller (80%) criticised for being a lazy striker but had a fantastic game. Klose (75%) scored the goal that made him the World Cup all-time scorer.



The two teams have met four times in the World Cup and Argentina has won twice, drawn and lost once. It’s uncertain if Captain Robin van Persie will feature tonight after his coach reported that he was suffering some stomach and intestinal problems. Netherlands will hope the stand in captain Robben and Sneijder will offer victory for the Oranje Army Di Maria will not feature tonight after a thigh injury. Argentina will depend on the services of skipper Messi and forward Aguero who has been declared fit to play.


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