December 31, 2022


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Kenya Forum Top 50 Articles & Postings 2022

Kenya Forum Top 50 Articles & Postings 2022

William Ruto became Kenya's fifth president in August

What a year! A presidential election, war in Ukraine, Covid, corruption, a cost of living crisis and much more. Here are 50 articles and postings (from nearly 300) in The Kenya Forum in 2022. Just click on the links and read on… A Happy New Year to all Kenya Forum readers an viewers!

Aftermath: Jonah Anguka’s Trials – Gicheru Ouko Murder Inquiry 30 Years On (5/2/2022)

Swahili Becomes Official AU Language (14/2/2022)

Kenya Among Most Beautiful Countries (15/2/2022)

Need a Job? Why Not Fight for Ukraine Against Russia (3/5/2022)

Terror on Forest Road (8/3/2022)

What Broke in a Man (8/3/2022)

Nairobi’s Most Dangerous Roads (14/3/2022)

Kenya’s Mobile Internet Speed Fastest in Africa (15/3/2022)

State Officials Spent Millions on Travel During Lockdown (17/3/2022)

Not Enough Smartphones in Kenya for digital currency (23/3/2022)

How to Tap into Kenya’s Growing Online Gig Economy (25/3/2022)

Nairobi Among African Cities with Highest Cost of Living (29/3/2022)

Kenya’s Supreme Court Judgement: President Cannot Use ‘Popular Initiative’ to Amend the Constitution (1/4/2022)

60 Percent of Pregnancies in Kenya End in Unsafe Abortion (4/5/2022)

Ketanji Brown Jackson – First Black Woman in US Supreme Court (8/4/2022)

How Did Jesus Die? New Theory Arouses International Attention (16/4/2022)

Teach Yourself Media Literacy (18/4/2022)

New Copyright Bill Good for Artists (19/4/2022)

Mwai Kibaka, Third President of Republic of Kenya (22/4/2022)

Kenya Among Africa’s ‘Big Five’ Private Wealth Markets (29/4/2022)

219 Extra-Judicial Killings in Kenya 2021 (3/5/2022)

Could US Overturn 1973 Law Legalizing Abortion? (4/5/2022)

Who is Rigathi Gacagua? (16/5/2022)

No Bees No Humans – World Bee Day Matters (22/5/2022)

Injectables Most Preferred Contraceptive in Kenya (30/5/2022)

A Woman James Bond? She Already Exists (3/6/2022)

What the KDF Should Learn from The War in Ukraine (6/6/2022)

Shakespeare’s African Play Julius Caesar (24/6/2022)

George Wajackoyah’s Ouko Murder Story (29/6/2022)

Study Links Covid-19 Vaccine to Heavy Menstruation (29/7/2022)

International Observers Assessment of Kenya Election (1/9/2022)

Supreme Court Upholds Ruto’s Election (5/9/2022)

Choose Your Own Somali Nickname – Before Someone Chooses It For You (13/9/2022)

Time to Rethink Menstrual Waste Management (26/9/2022)

Pedestrians Main Casualties on Kenya’s Roads – NTSA Report (1/10/2022)

KBNS Report: Kenya’s Population Growth – More People Living Longer (4/10/2022)

Do You Know What Your NHIF Covers? (20/10/2022)

A Promise is a Promise is a Promise (28/10/2022)

Kenya Deploys Troops to Congo (3/11/2022)

Kenyans to Enter South Africa Visa Free (10/11/2022)

Nairobi Expressway – How A Wrong Turn Reduces Me To A Beggar (15/11/2022)

Garissa’s Ghostly Workforce (17/11/2022)

Meet The Female Referees in 2022 World Cup (23/11/2022)

Road Deaths In Kenya – The Carnage Goes On (23/11/2022)

Global Sperm Count Decline – Major New Study (24/11/2022)

Why Home is the Most Dangerous Place for Women (29/11/2022)

Chaotic Nairobians Need to Wake Up (30/11/2022)

Hustler Fund – What You Need To Know Before Borrowing (2/12/2022)

Are Women Getting Angrier? (9/1/2022)

57 Police Officers Killed in line of Duty – Koome (16/12/2022)


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