February 17, 2015


29 year Kenyan marathon runner, Hyvon Ngetich crawled to the finish line at the 2015 Austin Marathon.

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Kenyan Athlete Crawls Across Finish Line To Clinch Third Spot

29 year Kenyan marathon runner, Hyvon Ngetich, stunned the world on Sunday, when she made an incredible, ambitious crawl to the finish line at the 2015 Austin Marathon.

Ngetich had been in the lead of the women’s division through mile 23 before her body started failing her. She lingered on amid an evident stumble before she eventually collapsed to the ground just less than 50 meters to the finish line.

She went down on her fours; her hands and knees and with her forehead on the ground and it appeared as though that was the end of the road for Ngetich. She had a brief pause on the ground and in an unexpected turn of events, she started an agonizing crawl toward the finish line.

The crowd cheered on and finally, she crossed the finish line to close third after American runner Hannah Steffan, who had raced past her as she was about to cross the line. Steffan finished with a time of 3:03:69 while Ng’etich finished with a time of 3:04:02.

It was however a win-win situation for Kenya as Cynthia Jerop became the winner of the women’s race in the marathon with a time of 2:54:21 while Bertram Keter won the men’s race (2:16:20).

Race Director John Conley, who had watched in amazement as Ngetich made the tenacious crawl to the finish line, awarded her the second place prize money, saying that she had run the bravest race and crawled the bravest crawl he has ever seen in his life.


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