April 14, 2016


Kenyans 4th most active twitter users in Africa. Kenyans have taken to twitter faster than most other African nations.

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Kenyans 4th most active twitter users in Africa

Kenyans 4th most active twitter users in Africa

Kenya was ranked 4th in Africa among the countries that tweeted the most in 2015 with 76 million tweets according to the Portlands Communications report released on Wednesday 13th April, 2016.

Egypt came 1st with about 450 million tweets followed by Nigeria with 350 million tweets. South Africa came 3rd with 325 million tweets.

Kenyans on Twitter or KOT as they are known have been actively attacking those who dared portrayed the country in a negative way. A recent case was during the Obama visit in Kenya when they attacked CNN for claiming that the US president was visiting a hotbed of terror. Through the hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN, the international media outlet was forced into submission as they apologized later.

Social media in Kenya has really grown with Kenyans using the platform to express their opinions and also push for agendas. Social media has become such a strong influence that last week a bank was closed due to word circulating around Twitter and other online platforms of the troubles that were facing the financial institution. This caused mass withdrawals from the bank to a level it didn’t have enough liquidity to continue with operations.

Though entertainment and showbiz dominates most of the conversation, political discussions have been on the rise. “This study demonstrates that the Twitter platform is coming of age with the prevalence of serious debates about politics and government,” said Flanagan, Portlands partner for Content and digital strategy.


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