March 11, 2016


Lang’ata ‘Project X’ party results in over 100 arrests of teenagers. There were rumours that the party was host to orgies and drinking.

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Lang’ata ‘Project X’ party results in over 100 arrests of teenagers

Lang’ata ‘Project X’ party results in over 100 arrests of teenagers

The police arrested over 100 youths yesterday at Phenom estate in Lang’ata, where they were having a drinking spree at a house party, which has been perceived to be the much touted ‘Project X’ sex party.

The teenagers said to be between 13 and 17 were accosted when the estate’s security agents tipped of the police, following loud music and noises that emanated from the house.

However, Lang’ata OCPD Elijah Mwangi said that there was no evidence of the youths engaging in sex.

News about “project X”, a wild party involving sexual orgies, alcohol and drug abuse, targeting people of all ages and especially young people, which had been scheduled for March 12 at an undisclosed location in Nairobi’s Kileleshwa estate, spread like bushfire last week in the local media after posters advertising the clandestine event went viral on social media.

“No one goes back home a virgin”, read a section of the content in the ‘Project X’ poster.

The name ‘Project X’ is borrowed from a 2012 hollywood movie, that revolves around  a group of teenagers organising a party which gets out of control.

In 2014, about 29 per cent of all new HIV infections in the country occurred among adolescents and young people and judging by these activities it’s not difficult to understand why.


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