March 23, 2021


Media personality Lorna Irungu, has died.

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Lorna Irungu Popular TV Host and PR Guru Succumbs to COVID-19

Lorna Irungu Popular TV Host and PR Guru Succumbs to COVID-19

Media personality, popularly remembered as the OMO Pick a Box host, Lorna Irungu, has died. She reportedly succumbed to Covid-19 and other underlying issues.

Lorna Irungu, a Lupus survivor, who had had three kidney transplants died at a city hospital on Monday where she had been admitted after contracting Covid-19.

She was married to businessman Edwin Macharia and they had one daughter, Nancy Macharia.

Lorna Irungu was also a former Nation FM presenter and ex-Gina Din Communications Managing Director.

RIP Lorna Irungu

Martin Minns, an Associate Editor with the Kenya Forum said: “I was very fortunate to get to know Lorna a couple of years ago when we would meet for coffee and a chat in Karen. She was very knowledgeable and had a strong personality, admonishing me with a wagging finger when she thought I was wrong or at fault. Even then it was clear that she was not well and it is with great sadness that I have heard of her passing”.

The African Leadership Institute, where Lorna was both a fellow and a member of the African Leadership Institute’s board, celebrated her as an amazingly brilliant mind with a great sense of humour.

“Lorna is remembered by the Fellows for her “amazing sense of humour, huge heart, and brilliant mind”. “We are poorer today but richer to have known her and been on this life journey with her.” She is also remembered for her incredible courage and bravery. Diagnosed with lupus, she would go on to have three kidney transplants in her life.”

Kakuzi Plc: We have learnt with profound shock and sadness the demise of Lorna- Irungu Macharia,. Until her passing Lorna was Kakuzi PLC’s Communications Consultant. She left an indelible mark on all of us. We will dearly miss her wise counsel.

Maina Kageni: You were a pioneer, performer, a fighter, a wife and a mother….. meeting you very early in my career had a huge impact on me and my understanding of this industry called Media…. you were already fighting for your life (against Lupus) when we met…. #RIPLornaIrungu

Lucy Maina Mugoya: I didn’t know #LornaIrungu personally but I enjoyed her work on screen, radio and theatre. Then came her battle with lupus which she fought bravely. Reading so many tributes today and it’s obvious she was an AMAZING woman. Rest In Peace

Rosemary Okello-Orlale: RIP #LornaIrungu. We’ve really lost a great leader in the media sector. May God rest your soul in eternal peace.


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