April 9, 2014


It was yet another first for the best supporting actress Oscar-winner for 12 Years a Slave as she became Lancôme’s first-ever black ambassador.

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Lupita The Face Of Lancome

Lupita The Face Of Lancome

Lupita’s star is shining brighter with each passing day and her diary is getting full. Kenyans and scores of people across the globe were once again amazed at the opportunities knocking on Lupita’s door when over the weekend she was announced as the face of Lancôme Paris, a French cosmetics company that excels in luxurious products for women.


It was yet another first for the best supporting actress Oscar-winner for 12 Years a Slave as she became Lancôme’s first-ever black ambassador. Miss Nyong’o joins the ranks of current Lancôme ambassadors Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz and will begin appearing in the company’s TV and magazine advertisements starting later this month.

“I am truly honoured to join the Maison Lancôme, a brand with such a prestigious history and that I have always loved,” said Lupita.

According to the General Manager of Lancôme International, Françoise Lehmann, the company choose Lupita because she is talented and committed, true to her African beauty and portrays a great curiosity and open-mindedness in her career choices.


However, Dencia, a Cameroonian pop singer, who is also the proprietor of a bleaching cream dubbed Whitenicious has once again bashed Lupita for ‘bowing to the white people company’.

According to Dencia, the Lancome line also produces bleaching products which is hypocritical of Lupita since she is against skin bleaching.


After being bashed by many fans of Lupita on tweeter, Denicia took her ranting to Instagra;

“Lol people hate what they don’t have & will jump on it if they had the opportunity. I said before she couldn’t call them big brands owned by whites cuz she wanted a deal. I like how she played herself tho!!still gonna answer yes ma’am & I’m still a CEO & entrepreneur & Lancôme will never pay her what I make in a month, b4 u come say I am hating I ain’t lol I am milking it.

This is the second time Denicia, who seems to be riding on Lupita’s fame for publicity as the majority of Kenyans for instance had no idea of who she was until now, has lashed out at Lupita. The queen of bleaching made her debut criticism for Lupita after her speech at Essence’s Black Women event on February 27th.

In her speech, Lupita read out loud a letter from a fan who said the actress had inspired her to love her own skin at the right moment as she had contemplated buying Dencia’s skin whitening cream.  Dencia was not pleased and took to Twitter to attack Lupita over the matter.

Lupita, just like in the first attack, has not responded to Denicia’s attacks perhaps putting to play the famous idiom that says; empty vessels make the most noise.


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