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Welcome to the Premier League! Who will survive the drop?

Welcome to the Premier League! Who will survive the drop?

Norwich City, Queens Park Rangers and Swansea City joined the English Premier League party this season. If the newly promoted teams expected a grace or ‘honeymoon’ period the reality check stepped in as soon as the first game.

QPR (one of the founders of the Premier League Clubs) and Swansea received a rough welcome to the top flight, both beaten by a thumping of 4 goals to none by Bolton and Manchester City respectively. Norwich City seemed as bit more aware of what to expect and what they needed to do if they are going to survive, fighting hard to share the spoils with Wigan in their first match.

Maybe it was just first game nerves and the newcomers were not settled with the reality of life in the Premiership. We shall know better with time but with Manchester United beating Tottenham 3-0 last night to top the league and some of the usual names in the ranks just below, it’s not to soon to ask who will survive the drop at the end of the season. Will it be QPR, Swansea, Norwich City, or all of them?

All we can say is good luck visitors and enjoy the top flight… while you can!


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