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Classic 105 Breakfast Show

“You are in for a shock!” says a section of women who were calling in live during the classic 105 breakfast show with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i.

“This morning, we’re concerned about women in the election process. It’s one week to elections and if you’ve noticed a strange thing, it’s that women haven’t been very active in campaigns and rallies. WHAT’S GOING ON??

We want to hear from the ladies out there – especially the middle class. Where are our ladies in this election process? Are they voting? If so, who are they voting for? …or is it that our ladies are planning a surprise??

Discussion on Social media

Talk to me.” Maina proceeded to post the same discussion on social media.

Three quarters of the women who called in, confessed that they are not voting for either of the two main ‘horses’ with a good number of them alleging that they choose to stay silent on the subject inorder to avoid conflicts with their men, most of whom are voting in the opposite direction. Below are some of the comments that followed the post on facebook.

Jeniffer Kanini : “Maina women suffered the most on 2007/8 PEV. If they we are quiet is because we want change and that is what we’ll do on 4th march. Bring change in leadership, wait and see. My vote my secret.” She adds

Anita Shicks: “women are ahead because we are voting on agendas and not euphoria like many men are. Am going to vote for Martha but my hubby is for uhuru damu/blood.”

Vexinah Cheptoo Mueni: Am proud to support Martha Karua i know she is tough and i like it. She has a true leader’s passion that touches her heart when things are not in order. Like any other human being she has stood her ground when things were not the same and I won’t regret voting her in whether she wins or not because her leadership virtues are of substance to me period!

Martha Karua : ‘in touch with their (women’s) issues’

Quite conspicuous during the radio show was the number of women who alleged that they would be voting for their own, Martha Karua, citing that as a woman, she is more in touch with their issues. Asked if their circle of friends were of the same opinion, the answer was in the affirmative. Could this be an underground uprising that could be the game changer in the 4th March elections or its just propaganda?

Reality: A two horse race?

The opinion polls have in most cases grouped Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth among the ‘others’ category giving an edge to UHURUTO and RAILONZO in what

has been perceived as a two horse race. According to the recent polls by Ipsos Synovate, Martha Karua’s popularity is said to stand at 0.8 per cent while PK’s is 1.6 percent.

As noted by one of the male fans, “women are not very good in rhetoric and propaganda but trust me they are going vote. About who they gona vote for, that is their secret like it is for anyone else.” Said Julius Pomba Pita

Well, it’s a fact that women have the numbers, if they could all sing one tune, they have the power to elect not just one of their own for president but also ensure their gender is equally represented in parliament, but the big question is; will this ever happen!


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