August 1, 2017


KDF spokesman Joseph Owuoth is well. There were reports circulating that the KDF man was missing. These reports were false.

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KDF spokesman Joseph Owuoth is well despite fears

KDF spokesman Joseph Owuoth is well despite fears

The Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) spokesman colonel Joseph Owuoth has announced that he is well contrary to reports by his family and a section of leaders from Kisumu that he is missing.

According to Capital News, Owouth has confirmed that he is well and on duty.

“I am fine and I don’t know where those rumours are coming from,” Owuoth is quoted by Capital News.

KDF spokesperson missing, or not?

His family had earlier today raised an alarm over his whereabout. In a press briefing held by the family together and a section of leaders in Kisumu, where Owuoth hails from, the KDF spokesman was given compulsory leave on Friday and asked to leave Nairobi for his home in koru but they haven’t heard from him since yesterday.

According to Prof Anyang Nyong’o, who was speaking on behalf of Owuoth’s family, Owuoth had communicated to his family about his suspension and said he had boarded a public bus from Nairobi to Koru and was in constant communication with the sister before they lost communication when he was in Nakuru.

“He was in constant mobile communication with his sister. When he reached Nakuru or thereabouts on Monday, nothing has been heard of him since then,” said Nyong’o.

The KDF spokesman was allegedly sent on “compulsory leave” for confirming  that documents tabled by NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga on Friday last week, with regards to a security operation being undertaken by the military ahead of the August polls were legit.

Raila and his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka alleged that the operation is a plot by the jubilee government to rig elections with the aid of the military and other security forces.


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