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Kenyans have taken to social media to condemn the Red Cross for launching an appeal to save victims of drought in Northeastern.

KOT is under the hashtag #RedCrossTumechoka accusing Red Cross of launching yet another pay bill for drought when it never accounted for the funds raised in the 2011 Kenyans for Kenya campaign, adding that they are also tired of helping the government do its job yet they pay taxes.

Red Cross has however maintained that it utilized and can account for the Sh1B raised during the Kenyans for Kenya campaign.

“During #KenyansForKenya we collected 1B shillings out of this 700M was in cash and 300M was in kind. 350M of the 700M collected was split for food and health intervention. The rest was for mid to long term projects functional to date,” said Abbas Gullet.

VictorMochere:  You can’t keep popping up pay bills and accounts like popcorns whenever there’s a disaster, yet you’ve failed to account for previous contributions. #KenyansForKenya is a scam meant to feed on the sympathy of Kenyans. But do you know what, we’re not stupid. #RedCrossTumechoka

Joewaweru_ : #KenyansForKenya I have donated since 2012 though PAYE.. Someone collect my donations from Treasury.

KayereO: This was a show at the devolution conference, famine and drought were not part of the agenda. And we want to say devolution is working. 12 out of 47 counties starving. #KenyansForKenya #RedCrossTumechoka

MugiiraJob: Joseph from the Bible gathered food during 7 years of plenty to feed Egypt in the 7 years of drought. Those times there was no technology. Brains and focused leadership. Why do we have maize rotting in stores and Kenyans dying of hunger? #KenyansForKenya

keterJunior: Basically, Kenyans are demanding for accountability #RedCrossTumechoka

JAMES BARAGU#RedCrossTumechoka We cannot be having this now and then. What long lasting solution was founded to avoid this seasonal PAYBILLS?Wasn’t the money enough for boreholes drilling? some of these projects mean a lot but too bad some are siphoning this cash to extinction


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