May 19, 2017


Three die from Cholera outbreak at Karen wedding. Public health experts issue a warning about the deadly disease’s outbreak.

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Three die from Cholera outbreak at Karen wedding

Three die from Cholera outbreak at Karen wedding

The Nairobi county government has issued an alert of a cholera outbreak after five cases were confirmed and victims hospitalized.

Health County Executive Bernard Muiya confirmed the outbreak and urged residents who show symptoms of cholera to seek medical attention immediately.

“Yes, we have an outbreak of cholera in Nairobi County and we have five cases which have been laboratory confirmed,” he said.

Symptoms of cholera include; diarrhoea, vomiting and lack of appetite.

“Immediately you have the symptoms including diarrhoea and vomiting, please go to a medical centre so that you are checked as quickly as possible.” Muiya said.


According to Muiya, the four cases reported occurred at a wedding in Karen, saying that the victims might have contracted the disease from their kin who had travelled from Vihiga in Western Kenya to attend the wedding.

“The index case according to our disease surveillance team is the Karen wedding where the patients and a number of other people had travelled for a wedding. It is presumed that they spread the disease to city residents but we are putting measures in place to avoid the disease from spreading any further,” Muia said.


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