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Kenyans have been attacking leaders of late

During a discussion over the never ending political issues in the country with a Kenya Forum reader yesterday, he brought up an interesting topic by asserting that recent incidents that have been witnessed in the country are an indication of a frustrated nation. “Kenyans are angry at our leaders because things are going wrong in the country; inflation is high, insecurity and what have you, and it seems as though Kenyans have just had enough”.

His school of thought was inspired by the recent events which have made headlines lately.

To begin with there is the most recent case where an old man in Kwale County briskly walked to the centre stage of a CORD rally over the weekend and whipped Raila Odinga twice on the back with a walking stick before turning to the Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya

Initial media speculations alleged that the 40 year old Mr Lengo Mdzombo was mentally ill but further investigations revealed that the man was of sane mind and was actually working as a gardener for another resident of Kwale. Mdzombo has since then been charged with assault likely to cause bodily harm, a charge to which he pleaded guilty.


Last week a fracas ensued in Wote town in Makueni County leaving four people nursing serious injuries after a clash erupted between Makueni County Assembly’ security and supporters of Governor Kivutha Kibwana who were set to attend a leaders’ forum. The four sustained injuries after being shot by security personnel manning the County Assembly. Makueni Chief of Staff and a bodyguard of the governor were among those injured.

Reports indicate that the security personnel opened fire on a crowd that stormed a leaders’ meeting in the town.


Early last month, rowdy youths caused a security scare and disrupted a rally attended by President Uhuru in Migori County after they started chanting ODM slogans and hurled shoes and other paraphernalia at the presidential dais soon after Migori Governor Okoth Obado, whom they did not want to address them, moved to the microphone to address the gathering.

The presidential guard threw a security cordon around the tent where the President and other dignitaries sat and shortly after, President Kenyatta managed to calm down the youths amidst a few ODM chants that ran through the air.


Last week on Wednesday a man wielding a machete was shot dead after he attempted to kill Ndia MP Stephen Ngari. The assailant, Robert Muchoki Kamau, was killed as he rushed towards Ngari while wielding a panga in Ngando Primary School in Kirinyaga County where the MP had gone to officiate the opening of two classrooms.

The assailant had cut headteacher Samuel Mwangi in the head before dashing for the MP but his bodyguard intervened by shooting him.


It’s not only politicians who seem to be on the receiving end of the wrath of Kenyans who are just ‘madly’ fed up.

Last week, a man was shot dead here in Nairobi County after he invaded the Central Police Station and attacked a police officer with a panga leaving him with serious head injuries.

Its reported that the man was carrying a machete and a knife and had walked into the station as though he was going to file a report. It later emerged that the assailant, known as Joseph Ndirangu, had a record of mental illness.

As Ida Odinga asserted following the Migori fracas; “Our youth have lost their souls, become restless and reckless and as a community, we must quickly find out what the problem is.” To which the Kenya Forum would add, on the basis of the stories above, not just the country’s youths.

Have Kenyans been thrown in a state of dissolution and simply reached a point where the only way to let out their frustrations is in the most bizarre ways? Share your thoughts.


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