September 18, 2022


We should take heed of his promises in the manifesto during his campaign and the UDA government’s pledge to use the bottom-up economy to help people be self-reliant.

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Economic Advice for President Ruto

Economic Advice for President Ruto

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Rieko Mwenyewe uses Kisumu as a case study for some economic advice to president Ruto…

The rigorous general election has come and gone. People should now come down to hard work for a generation of projects and developments to see them putting food on the table.

President-elect H.E. Dr William Samoei Arap Ruto took the Oath of Office on 13th September 2022. We should take heed of his promises in the manifesto during his campaign and the UDA government’s pledge to use the bottom-up economy to help people be self-reliant.

Below are some projects that will uphold people at the county Level.

Mama Mboga

These women sell all types of vegetables, most of which come from outside Kisumu County. Suppose they apply for small financing from the government. In that case, they can start with growing their vegetables, such as cabbages, onions, kale, potatoes, carrots, and groundnuts, and sell the proceeds at the various markets across the county. This is aimed at being able to manage their finances and be self-sustainable.

Boda Boda Operators

The Boda Boda business is one of the most progressive businesses common people can enter to make their lives easy. Those who cannot find their funds can source the same from the UDA government to buy their motorcycles, better known as Boda Boda. Currently, most people riding Boda Bodas are employed by big businessmen who can manage funds to buy motorcycles. The people who ride these hired pieces of equipment work very hard to get the minimum cash they are apportioned to return to the moto bicycle owners, mostly Ksh. 300/- per day. In order to get this amount, the riders work as late as 11.00 p.m., which is always dangerous. If they attain their motorcycles, they will manage their lives better and, at the same time, pay taxes which the government expects to grow the economy.

Mitumba Business

Come to the Kibuye market early Saturday or Sunday, and you will see bales of mitumba clothes. Most Women live on the Mitumba business. If they apply for start-up funds from the new government, they will increase the value of their business and manage to keep their families comfortable. Mutumba Business also works as an employment arena for unemployed young Ladies.

Small and Medium Business

These enterprises normally engage with small business people who borrow money from banks at very high-Interest rates. If they look for cash from the government, they will vastly improve their business. UDA Government promised to take care of these people by providing funds to increase the income base and the tax bracket for the government

Agriculture Development

Kisumu County is the most diverse county, which does not use agriculture developments effectively. We have at least four sugarcane factories. These are Muhoroni Sugar, Chemelil Suga, Miwani Sugar, and Kibos Sugar. Included are Agro Chemical and Allied Companies Limited. UDA government promised to revamp these factories to create employment for the Youth and the unemployed.

This will make Kisumu County produce foods of all kinds and increase its income base while limiting the importation of food from neighbouring counties.

Reactivate Failed Business

We have companies that failed because of economic hardships, such as Kenya Breweries Factory and Kisumu Cotton Mills (KICOMI) Molasses Company. UDA government should reactivate these companies to create employment and increase tax and economic standards in the County.

Increase the Minim Cash to Counties

The introduction of Devolution since the Kenya Constitution Amendment Act 2010 made a lot of sense since the Counties are now self-reliant to some extent. Many people would be employed if the funds’ rate could be increased from 15% to 35%. Services such as Hospitals, Roads, Schools, Electricity, and Water Services would be adequate, and the need to crave for Presidency every Five Years would be a thing of the past because all the required services and developments would be localized.

General Observation

President Ruto will now have the hard task of fulfilling the explosive promises in his campaign manifesto. He will also contend with alleged seemingly loose talks of his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua. Whereas President Ruto has an accommodative stance whenever he talks, Deputy President Gachagua seems to remember old issues during campaigns.

All said and done, President Ruto has hard work to do, but he looks to be fit for the task.


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