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The National Assembly speaker, Justin Muturi, has been a man under siege for the better part of his tenure, following a myriad of criticism that he’s been getting from leaders both aligned to Cord and the Jubilee government.

Members of the public are also dissatisfied with the manner in which he has carried himself and parliament business especially when they compare him to the former speaker Mr. Kenneth Marende, who managed to earn himself great admiration across the country.

Last month, Speaker Justin Muturi was put on the spot over plans to summon Cabinet Secretaries afresh to appear before the General Oversight Committee.

While condemning the move, Charles Nyachae, the chairman of the Commission on the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) said that Mr. Muturi was not fit to hold office as he did not respect the law and was violating the constitution.

“Mr. Muturi ought to be declared unfit to hold office over his remarks that Parliament would disobey court orders,” Mr Nyachae said.
“I want somebody to justify why the Speaker can say he will disobey a court order and still continue to hold office”.

An article in yesterday’s Star reveals of a plot to replace Mr. Muturi with Mr. Abdikadir Mohammed, the Presidential Advisor on Constitutional Affairs.

According to the article, a number of Jubilee politicians are working with the senate leaders and senior government officials to oust Muturi.

Mr. Justin Muturi also the subject in the cover story of this month’s edition of the Nairobi Law Monthly, which boldly runs the headline “unfit for office”.

The articles argues that the speaker has disobeyed court orders on numerous occasions and has even been quoted saying that “not all court orders should be respected.”

Should Speaker Justin Muturi carry on or should he pass the mantle to someone else?


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