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The vote on the two-thirds Gender Bill hit a snag once again in the National Assembly on Thursday due to a lack of quorum.

There were 174 MPs present out of requisite threshold of 233.

House Speaker Justin Muturi said the motion failed since numbers were not enough to necessitate a vote.

Female legislators could not contain their frustration, considering this is the fourth time the Bill has failed to sail through, for the same reason.

Ida Odinga, who was in the speaker’s chambers to show solidarity, said it was a shame that some leaders are still out to frustrate women in leadership and anything that stands to benefit them

“It is a shame that at this time and age, some of our leaders continue to pull down anything that seems to benefit women. However, all is not lost and we as women we will go ahead and strategize on the way forward,” she said.

Implementing the Two-Thirds Gender Rule

Parliament has been lethargic on implementing the two-thirds gender rule, in line with Articles 81 (b) of the constitution.

In a landmark ruling made in 2017, Justice John Mativo accused the National assembly and the Senate of abdicating their constitutional mandate for the failure to enact legislation to ensure gender equality. He further directed Parliament and the Attorney General to enact the two-thirds gender rule in 60 days.

“ Failure to pass Two-Thirds Gender Bill is a gross violation of the Constitution,” Justice Mativo said.


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