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Governor Mutua (left) and his deputy Kiala

The Office of Machakos County Government has released a press statement refuting claims by embattled deputy governor Bernard Kiala, that Alfred Mutua has withdrawn the privileges accorded to him. Kiala had earlier claimed that he was moving to court to have Mutua restrained from withholding rights and privileges that come with the office of the Deputy Governor such as his security detail, allowances and medical insurance among others. He had also alleged that Machakos County Government under instructions from the Governor has frustrated all his attempts to participate in the running of the affairs of the county when he is also duly elected to do so. “KIALA LYING ABOUT SALARY AND BENEFITS” According to the press statement, none of the privileges accorded to Kiala have been withdrawn. It also maintains that the government of Machakos County has not been served with any suit papers. “We consider it a public duty for the government to inform the people of Machakos and Kenya in general the truth regarding this malicious falsehoods that are peddled around,” the statement reads in part. The statement also accuses Kiala of misusing the fuel detail order assigned to him to fuel private vehicles to wasteful levels and in addition cites that “since the senate verdict of his impeachment, the deputy governor does not attend to office duties in the government of Machakos yet he continues to draw his full monthly salary of over Sh 600,000 and other benefits”.


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