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“I BELIEVE”… these are the two popular words making the rounds in Kenya as of yesterday. The simple yet weighty statement amounts to the slogan of the country’s most recent political party. The National Alliance Party launched yesterday in full glamour, by Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, has definitely set the bar a notch higher as far as party launches and presidential bids are concerned in Kenya.

The launch which occurred at the KICC was spectacular in scope and organization and observers have likened it to the ‘YES WE CAN’ Obama campaign of 2008. The event took place in two locations on the same venue; one at a dome in the Comesa grounds, which was only accessible to those with invitation cards, and hosted about 3,000 people, and the second was at the courtyard where a crowd of about 15,000 people gathered. The event was also marked in 6 major towns which were beamed live on TV. Dozens of cabinet ministers and MPs grazed the event which had painted the town red.

“The TNA government will go where you want it to go but will be responsible for its actions” said Kenyatta in his speech, adding that the party will reward nomination losers by appointing them to various positions.

Finally, somebody in the political arena in Kenya has realized the true definition of the term ‘youth’, and the TNA’s party officials are just exactly that, being aged between 25 and 35. Both Kenyatta and Eugene Wamalwa emphasized the promotion of youth in their respective speeches. Wamalwa was apparently the only ‘guest speaker’ addressed the gathering, which left many people speculating that he could be Uhuru’s running mate.

“Young people in Kenya can steer this country to the next level” said Wamalwa.

The move signaled Kenyatta’s determination in aiming for the top seat, despite his pending charges at the ICC, and if the party’s slogan is anything to go by, even the sky is not the limit for Mr Kenyatta.

Even though the party is yet to present its manifesto to the public, it’s clearly visible that they have the interests of the youth at heart and bearing in mind that the youth (under 35 years) constitute 75% of the Kenyan population, is a well calculated move.

Sources: Daily Nation, Monday, May 21, 2012. THE STAR, May 21, 2012


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