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The country was treated to a free unbelievable spectacle yesterday after MPs turned parliament into a boxing arena, during the debate of the controversial Security Bill 2014 yesterday.

It first started with heckling, paper throwing, shouting down the speaker and forcefully accessing his gallery before the chaos generated into a physical fight. Blows were exchanged; Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama had his clothes torn and now Mbita MP Millie Ojiambo has come out with allegations that Gatundu MPs Moses Kuria together with two other “drunk goons” sexually assaulted her by attempting to strip her.

Journalists were barred from the parliament’s press gallery and the live transmission was discontinued as scuffles broke out in the chamber.


In an unexpected turn of events, the speaker of the National Assembly, Justin Muturi ended up passing the controversial Bill amid the chaos, an action, which was caught on camera, has elicited a lot of criticism from Kenyans.

 “Today was a day and a half but am happy we fought against tyranny though we lost partially. Our strategy worked and they don’t even know. In the process notable incidents: My security was disarmed, manhandled and thrown in the cells for a while. Muturi started off the session by reading us the riot act and threatening to send us home for re-elections. We tell him “Go ahead”. Jubilee MPs went and physically attacked senators Muthama, Orengo, Khalwale, Wetangula and Ongera at the public gallery and we repulsed them. We managed a stalemate whole morning. Afternoon they came back better prepared. Many MPs beaten up. I was boxed in the eye by Moses Kuria as one permanent drunk pulled my panty and another two pulled up my dress. But I am not of the ” ayayayaya you slapped me fame!” Moses Kuria amejua why am MP Mbita elected and not appointed. Plus learn, we pride as a people in nakedness Na wamejua. When they tried to undress me I completed the process for them. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and have no embarrassment over my body. I can not and will not be intimidated using my sexuality. Anyar gi Mboya, nyakwar nyobiero, nyamin Captain. Ok unyala. One MP had even told us they have to kill one of us. He is ordinarily my friend. I excuse the temporary madness. CORD MPs am so proud of you. If you bear any number 2 to your name. The joke is on you.” Millie Odhiambo posted on her Facebook Page.

Moses Kuria has however refuted Millie’s stripping allegations and maintained that he only “slapped” her.

” That woman is mad. Millie is mad. She just went there and stripped. Nobody tried to undress her. She undressed herself. She was undressing there and she had very smelly underpants and she was screaming like a mad woman all the time. I think she was on drugs or something,” Kuria is quoted by the Star newspaper.


Jay: The scenes in the #HouseOfShame will sooner or later be replicated on the streets and countrywide. We are so divided as a country

Neelesh N Rane:  Democracy cannot be taken for granted. Guilty MPs must be dealt with severely to ensure today’s shameful act is not repeated. #HouseOfShame

Vincent Osumo:  It seems like Justine Muturi was drunk for a very harmful n poisonous substance. That behaviour wasn’t 4 normal drunkenness #OccupyParliament


Apparently, an arrest warrant has been issued to have Kakamega’s senator Boni Khalwale and Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba arrested over yesterday’s incident.

“Orders to immediately arrest and detain Mheshimiwa Ababu Namwamba and I have been issued! Following a directive but a baseless warrant of arrest will not intimidate anyone. Freedom is coming! “Khalwale tweeted yesterday.

The new law will allow police to hold terror suspects for nearly a year without charges and give them more authority to tap phones, punish journalists and media organisations who publish unapproved pictures of terror suspects or “undermine investigations or security operations relating to terrorism”. The Bill will also compel landlords to provide information about their tenants for printing material that is “likely to cause fear or alarm”.

Critics of the security Bill argue that it infringes on civil rights and freedom of speech, and is likely to take the country back to the draconian days.

The Jubilee government has been pushing for the bill as a way to enhance security measures in the country following the rising threat of terrorism from the Somalia-based militant group Al-Shabaab.


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