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Write about the election results, CORD’s challenge to them, or the IEBC and a commentator encounters a major problem: the reader often assumes that depending on which line you take the author was already predetermined to support one side or another, or one person of another, that it is a subjective stance not an objective viewpoint.

Well, we will just have to risk it, for here is the Kenya Forum’s objective viewpoint: Raila Odinga and CORD are in danger of looking at best fools and possibly even trouble-making hypocrites.


The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) go to the Supreme Court today to file a petition [update: Cord to file petition tomorrow, Saturday 16] challenging the declaration of Uhuru Kenyatta as President of Kenya following the election held on March 4. The Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, has 14 days to decide the matter.

That is all fair enough. Raila Odinga and CORD have the right to challenge the election result. The Supreme Court has the power to adjudicate. That’s what our new constitution says.


On Wednesday Raila Odinga called on the Jubilee Coalition to respect the outcome of the Supreme Court Case. The National Alliance, the main political partner in the Jubilee Alliance, was today reported to have agreed to abide by the Supreme Court’s decision.

Too damn right, says the Kenya Forum but why should there be any doubt about accepting the court’s decision in the first place? This is the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kenya we are talking about: Odinga and CORD, Kenyatta and Jubilee, and anyone else for that matter, you bet you have to accept the verdict of the highest court in our land.


However, Raila Odinga, on the day he was reported as having called on the Jubilee Alliance to accept the Supreme Court’s judgment was also reported to have told supporting MPs, Senators and Governors to ‘return to the grassroots and explain to the people that Uhuru never won genuinely’ (Daily Nation, ‘Cord rallies supporters ahead of case’).

“Let us join hands in rejecting the notion that a little electoral theft here and there every five years constitutes some kind of magical progression towards greater democracy and change”, said Odinga.

At the same gathering former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo reportedly said: “The battle has not yet begun; we must keep our people united for the battle ahead”.

The meeting was told that CORD teams would go through the country ‘to thank their supporters and at the same time tell them what went wrong with the elections’.


So, Raila Odinga is calling on the Jubilee Alliance to accept the Supreme Court’s decision over the election while at the same time telling his supporters to get out there and spread the word that the election was rigged, i.e., he’s not waiting for Willy Mutunga’s team to fulfill their constitutional role.

If the Supreme Court overturns the election result then so be it. We must await their decision. So must Raila Odinga and his supporters, to do otherwise smacks of hypocrisy – you respect the court, we’re going to wind up our supporters. To publicly challenge the result in the manner Odinga and some of his supporters are doing so at present comes close to incitement.

Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, all of you, shut up, present your evidence and let Willy Mutunga and the Supreme Court judges listen, review, consider and decide.


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