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Majority of Kenyans feel that the country is headed in the wrong direction, the latest poll by Ipsos has revealed.

According to the Ipsos poll, 71 per cent (seven out of ten) of Kenyans are convinced that the country is heading in the wrong direction and are frustrated with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government, largely owing to a high cost of living.

68 per cent of those who said that Kenya is headed in the wrong direction cited the skyrocketing cost of living with 76 percent saying their general economic conditions have deteriorated over the past three months. Only seven per cent of those surveyed said their situations have improved.

Only 18 per cent said the country is headed in the right direction, nine per cent said Kenya is headed in the neither the right nor the wrong direction and two per cent said they were not sure.

When divided along political party affiliations, 91 percent of NASA supporters believe the country is headed in the wrong direction compared to 52 per cent of Jubilee supporters.

Kenyans have been grappling with a high Inflation owing to increased food prices that have affected the most basic commodities. Inflation has now officially reached over 10% (an annual inflation rate of 10.28% to the end of March compared with 9.04% at the end of February).

At the start of the year cooking oil cost Ksh130 per litre, now it’s Ksh180; 2kg of meal maize was Ksh100 per kilo, now it’s Ksh160; and 1kg of sugar was Ksh95, now it’s Ksh160.

However government recently introduced a food subsidy programme that has seen the 2kg packet now retail at Sh 90 and 1kg at Sh 47, down from Sh 150 and Sh 75 respectively.

The study by Ipsos was conducted between May 11 and 23 with a sample size of 2,026 and a margin of error of +/- 2.18 per cent through random face-to-face interviews at the household level in 46 counties.


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