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Embu Governor Mwangi wa Iria impeached

Murang’a County Governor Mwangi wa Iria was been impeached by the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) yesterday on grounds of misusing cash and failing to manage the county’s debt.

The impeachment motion, which was tabled by Nominated MCA Mary Waithira-Wamauwa last week, was approved by 34 members while 15 voted against it, as confirmed by the Speaker Nduati Kariuki.

“The authenticated scores are ayes 34, the threshold for this motion to pass is 34, so the motion has been carried,” said the Speaker amid cheers from the MCAs.

Waithira had outlined 27 reasons to impeach Iria among them abuse of office charges and misuse of funds.

“I rise to move this motion on the following grounds: lack of accountability for the use of county resources by incurring unsustainable debts to the tune of Sh2.5 billion,” she said.

It was seconded by Kamacharia MCA Joseph Machiri on Wednesday at the expiry of the seven-day notice allowed by the standing orders of the House.

The MCAs further accused Governor Iria of stifling operations in the County Assembly by withholding their funds.


Iria’s fate now lies with the senate as speaker Kariuki is now required to write to the Senate which will form a special committee to review the impeachment report and whether the requisite threshold was met to oust the Governor.

The Special Committee is within 10 days expected to present a report either recommending that the Senate upholds the county assembly’s decision or rejects the decision.


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