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Nasa principal Raila Odinga and president Uhuru Kenyatta have today reconciled their political differences and agreed to unite for the good of the country.

Odinga and Uhuru held a closed door meeting at Harambee house before addressing a joint press conference.

My brother and myself have therefore come together to say these differences stop here. We refuse to be leaders under whose watch Kenya becomes a failed state,” Odinga said.

We need to save our children from ourselves. My brother (Uhuru) and I have decided to end these differences today,” he said.

“Kenya is greater than any individual”

President Uhuru Kenyatta reiterated Odinga’s sentiments

“I had the great pleasure of welcoming my brother Raila Odinga to Harambee House where we had the opportunity for extensive discussions on matters Kenya. We have come to a common understanding, an understanding that this country of Kenya is greater than any one individual,” Uhuru said.

“We have come together to find solutions that will bind Kenyans together and unify our country and that will give us a life cycle that is beyond the five years that we have established for ourselves. Elections come and go but Kenya remains,” he said.

Odinga and Uhuru’s unity comes just hours ahead of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visit to Kenya.

Tillerson is on his first tour of Africa that includes Chad and Nigeria.


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