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Kenyans on twitter (KOT) under the hashtag ##UhuruIsNotKenya have condemned President Uhuru Kenyatta for congratulating Museveni, ostensibly on their behalf, and have distanced themselves from the support shown by their president.

“I am very pleased to congratulate His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni on his re-election as President of the Republic of Uganda. The people of Uganda have spoken, and they have spoken very clearly. We respect their choice of President Museveni.

Kenya values its close friendship with Uganda. That friendship is founded on a common history, a common culture, and common interests. In years past, we have worked closely together for the prosperity and freedom of our nations. We look forward to continuing the work that both our nations have already done, together and in concert with the East African Community, the African Union, and IGAD. We look forward, too, to even closer integration.

I wish President Museveni every success as he serves his nation for another term. He and Uganda can count on my support, and my friendship, as well as that of their brothers and sisters in Kenya,” read a post on president Uhuru’s facebook page.

Kenyans continue to remain vocal on the political landsacpe of East Africa and the continent at large and are never shy of flexing their huge numbers on social media to condemn African leaders who have undemocratically clung on power.

Chris Leo: We want you to apologize on the behalf of Kenyans and Ugandans for congratulating Museveni… Its very clear that he rigged and forced himself into the office yet you were the first to congratulate him, how long did you take to congratulate the democratically elected Magufuli??? You disapointed us here anyway We wish you well Mr. President

Lam Juice: To all my Ugandan friends, with all due respect I want to sincerely apologise on behalf of the Kenyan people for the mediocre statement herein by Mr Kenyatta. I want you to know that as citizens of Kenya we shall always support you in any way we can so as to help you achieve a democratic state. As a people our path is dimmed too but ts one long walk we keen to make, in the spirit of Harambee.
East Africa Integration is useless if this the foundation it is based upon. The young people of East Africa will need to rise up to claim the region. How can this old morons pretend to be fixing our future yet they to old to see that far.

Osiemo Osiemo:  But Ugands also need to stand up and be counted, heavily armed cops should not scare you not to hold mass demonstrations #UhuruIsNotKenya

Mkenya Asili ‏:  It took @UKenyatta less than a hour to congratulate dictator #MuseveniDecides more than 1 week to congratulate Magufuli #UhuruIsNotKenya

kisauti ‏@WaKimuyu

Ugandans and Kenyans joining forces to roast UKenyatta is the real East African community integration. #UhuruIsNotKenya

Sen Mutula KilonzoJR:  Kenyans disowning their president’s statement. Jubilee is in real trouble #UhuruIsNotKenya

Ereaqaw : #UhuruIsNotKenya Yaani he just congratulated that man and he want our votes come 2017?? He must apologize

Baba Malaika Na Thamani : I do agree Mr. President the people of Uganda have spoken….and they have spoken very clearly. My only concern is its like the man you congratulate didn’t listen to what they were saying.



Uganda’s main opposition candidate Kizza Besigye has rejected President Yoweri Museveni’s victory in the just concluded presidential election and has called for an audit of the election results.

Bisigye, who has been under house arrest for now the fourth day since the elections, termed the elections as the “most fraudulent”.

“We have just witnessed what is the most fraudulent elections in Uganda,” said Besigye.

International observers have also criticized the Uganda elections, which will see the incumbent Yoweri Museveni in power for 30 years, saying that they lacked transparency.

While praising the “remarkable determination” of Ugandans to vote, EU chief observer Eduard Kukan said the governing National Resistance Movement’s “domination of the political landscape distorted the fairness of the campaign”.

Museveni, who seized power in 1986,  allegedly scored 60.8 % of the votes cast against BISEGYE’s 35.4%.


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