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The price of unga has dropped following the latest government subsidy scheme after the arrival of the controversial maize from “Mexico”.

The government has through the ministry of agriculture announced that starting from Wednesday 17th May, a 2kg packet will now retail at Sh 90 while and 1kg at Sh 47, down from Sh 150 and Sh 75 respectively.

“As part of the Government’s Food subsidy programme which seeks to reverse the recent rise in prices of essential food commodities. It is notified to the public that effective Wednesday, the government has partnered with various millers to offer white maize flour at subsidized rates across the country,” the ministry said in a public notice.

According to deputy president William Ruto, the subsidy will run till September

Wananchi have been forced to grapple with a high Inflation owing to increased food prices that have affected the most basic commodities. Inflation has now officially reached over 10% (an annual inflation rate of 10.28% to the end of March compared with 9.04% at the end of February).

Even though prices of sugar, milk and cooking oil remain high, the reduction in unga prices is a huge relief for wananchi, considering that ugali is Kenya’s staple food.


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