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X-Military and Family to get Jobs, Scholarships in New Law

X-Military and Family to get Jobs, Scholarships in New Law


President Uhuru Kenyatta has signed into law the Military Veterans Bill, 2022, which will now allow Kenyans who served in the armed forces to get employment in other sectors of the economy.

All soldiers receiving a pension, discharged or retired from the armed forces or the KDF on medical grounds and who were not dishonourably discharged will benefit from the new scheme, which is aimed at ensuring that military retirees who are struggling to make ends meet enjoy a dignified life after dedicating their lives to serving the country.

“Policies regarding military veterans shall be aimed at ensuring the smooth and seamless transition of military veterans from military service to civilian life,” the Act states.

The Military Veterans Bill, 2022 also makes provision for defendants of ex-military personnel to get scholarships to support their education through the establishment of the Dependants’ Education Fund, which is aimed at providing scholarships to children of deceased soldiers.

The Bill gives the mandate of setting up the  Dependants’ Education Fund to the Defence Council, which will also be responsible for the regulation and administration of the Fund.

“The Defence Council shall facilitate the provisions of benefits under this section to military veterans and their dependants through the ministry responsible for matters relating to military veterans, any other government ministry, department or agency, or a private entity,” the Act states.

The Council consists of the Defence Cabinet Secretary, who is the chairperson, the Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces, the Air Force, Navy and Army commanders and the Defence Principal Secretary.


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