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By Antony Kanja
After a harrowing accident in Nairobi that nearly took her life, Nadiya Manji, Transformational Life Coach and Author of Searching Balance, says the trauma sent her on a self-discovery journey where she figured out what she refers to as the “secret formula to achieve balance and success in life and business”.

According to the TEDx speaker, “we all lose our balance at times when we experience loss, trauma, illness, conflict and major life changes, which push us to develop coping strategies that end up creating significant imbalances in our lives”.

“After the accident, I knew I had a greater mission in life. I had to stop and pay attention on how I can use my gift of intuition in a better way. For that I had to connect with myself first before I could help other people,” Nadiya Explains.

“I believe when people are empowered they develop better coping mechanisms skills thereby becoming more self-aware and accountable to themselves,” she further states.

How To Find Balance in Life

According to Nadiya, the first step to finding your balance in life is to identify your imbalances.

“First you have to identify your imbalances to identify where the coping mechanisms is needed. It’s like medicine you can’t use medicine prescribed to another person for a certain illness for your own sickness. You have to find solutions that work for you specifically,” she says.

Power Of Emotional Connection In Business

In her book, ‘Searching for Balance’,  Nadiya Manji also highlights the importance of employers investing emotionally in their employees.  According to Nadiya, who is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), how employees are treated by their bosses has a great impact not only in their productivity but also mental and emotional health.

“We talk about human resources but what most corporates concentrate on is just resources leaving humanity out of the picture. It a high time we bring human back to human resources,” she says.

“The staff is not going to be motivated if they don’t feel cared for. It’s the same thing with us, if we don’t take care of our emotional and mental being, then it will be difficult could to show up and really take care of our families,” she adds.

Connecting emotionally with children

Nadiya also advices parents to be better listeners to their children other than just talkers. She goes on to say that parents should go beyond what children say and observe the non-verbal cues to fully understand how to help them.

“Even with technology parents should always create moments to connect with their kids. When you’re on the phone and the kid on the phone during dinner you miss the moment. Technological change is inevitable but transformation is a choice,” Nadiya says.

Enjoy the present

In the book, which is available in the Text Book Center bookshops and also on global shopping website Amazon, Nadiya urges people to living in the now and appreciate the present.

“We spend too much time carrying baggage from the past as well as being worried the future, what we forget is enjoying the present and all it has to offer,” she explains.

The past is the evidence, the future is the expectation and the present is the real experience. If you’ve been hurt or hurt others you have to go through the process of forgiveness. You have to forgive others as well forgive yourself. You have to learn not everyone you come across will be bad. Learn from the past and move forward,” the book, Searching For Balance reads in part.

Searching For Balance – Must Read

Nadiya Manji’s book is a real masterpiece that everyone above the age of 16 should read. The author employs a conversational style of writing with real-life stories that are simple to understand.

Get it to understand how your internal processes are like and take charge of your life.


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