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Alarm Over Rising Insecurity

Alarm Over Rising Insecurity

Kenyans have taken to social media to raise alarm over the rising state of insecurity in the country and are calling on state security agencies to act.

The reported incidents of insecurity range from house break-ins, carjackings at gunpoint, muggings, and assaults.

Numerous cases of victims who have been stabbed or shot during a robbery are making headlines in the media and in some cases, the victims have lost their lives.

The hashtag #Insecurity has been trending since Wednesday evening. Below are some of the tweets 

Alinur Mohamed: There is a high increase of insecurity in Nairobi. Killer thugs are stealing in broad daylight and if you refuse to cooperate they stab or shoot you without a second thought. KNH is full of patients with stab wounds from mugging incidents in Nairobi and its environs. Stay safe.

Joecool: KINDIKI will never MATCH MATIANGI’S QUINTESSENTIAL prowess and METICULOUS execution of SECURITY matters. We would never have experienced this alarming DETERIORATION of insecurity under his watch. Some folks are irreplaceable.

We lost the SCRIPT on insecurity when the new regime’s first TASK was to VICTIMISE and INTIMIDATE security agencies with arrests and harassment. They are now playing cold.

Ahmed Mohamed ((ASMALi)): These incidences of insecurity in Nairobi is getting out of hand. Something must be done and with great urgency. We must all be up in arms when it comes to calling out issues of insecurity and violence anywhere in the country. And especially at the heart of the capital.

Classic 105 Kenya: Today we are talking about the insecurity in Nairobi, especially in the CBD. The police are citing Moi Avenue, Uhuru Highway, Haile Selassie Avenue and the area around Nairobi Railway Station as some of the dangerous spots at the moment.

WANGARI:Kenyans are crying about insecurity especially in Nairobi but the police commander is saying that all the cries are politically motivated by those who want to make it look like Nabii Ruto is failing It’s has reached a point that insecurity is also politicized

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