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In two separate news reports posted in the last few hours new evidence has come to light regarding the death of Alexander Monson. Both seem to be leaked stories from officers involved with the investigation into Alexander Monsons death. No names are mentioned.

First from The Daily Telegraph comes the report that Alexander Monson was roughed up, having refused to sign a false statement prepared by the police. Monson knew he was guilty of possession of drugs, but the statement went further. When he refused to sign they beat him “to make him understand” that police would not release him unless he “played their game”.

It seems the officers got carried away as the “roughing up” led to a fatal brain injury…

The Nation reports that the team investigating the events has already finalized, and is ready to make recommendations, so the news should follow early this week.

“The team has finalized its investigation and recommendation made. The suspect was booked appearing normal and our report has proved police officers had collaborated with some prisoners in the custody to torture the suspect,” said the officer.

He added: “The information about Mr Monson is a top secret and is being handled by very few officers who have access to the Occurrence Book (OB), which all suspects are booked for criminal cases.”

Despite being top secret the Nation was able to establish that three officers had already been suspended:

“The Nation has established that the three officers who were on duty when Alexander Monson was arrested for allegedly smoking bhang in public at a night club have been advised to take day-offs awaiting further instructions.The trio are said to have participated in the arrest and booking of Mr Monson at the station where he developed complications while in custody.”

In a slightly different story the Telegraph reported:

“A police spokesman refused to comment on these claims. Senior officers continued to deny that any policeman was in any way responsible for the death of Mr Monson, and a spokesman specifically denied the report of a forced confession.

“It is becoming troublesome that the official investigation is being pre-empted by leaks to the media,” he said. “Beyond denying any suggestion that Mr Monson was presented with a statement to sign including things he did not say, we have no further comment.”

Following the spat of words between Police Chief Munyasia and father of Alexander, Nicholas Monson, where both sides were accusing the other of not communicating, Kenya’s Prof. George Saitoti visited Nicholas Monson on Thursday and assured him that the events leading to his sons death would be investigated thoroughly:

“I was received with great grace and courtesy,” Lord Monson, 57, said. “Professor Saitoti gave me his personal assurances that this matter would not be left alone, and begged our patience while things take their course.”

And whilst on the subjects of words and communication, in a bizarre statement from The Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers and the Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association, have declared that Alexander Monson was not a tourist, “He was not a tourist. The family has been living in Kenya and runs a cottage in the South Coast. The media should be careful while reporting such issues,” said KAHC executive officer Sam Ikwaye”

He went further to say “…misreporting of such issues can be detrimental to the tourism industry at the Coast. He however said thorough and independent investigations into the death must be conducted to clear the police name. “We keep on telling the international visitors that our country is safe and that we have faith in the police,” said Ikwaye.

Well, unfortunately we fear Mr Ikwaye will be disappointed on at least two fronts. It seems highly unlikely that the Diani police will have their name cleared, even more unlikely that international travelers who have learnt of this incident will have faith in the police. And by the way Alexander Monson’s visa was for “a holiday” from 29th April to July 10th and he is described as a student, the fact his natural mother runs holiday accommodation in Diani does not make him a non-tourist.

Changing a word in order to re-classify the death will not alter the fact that Alexander Monson was dealt a deadly blow whilst in the custody of the Diani police.


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