March 15, 2018


Asanta Samantha Luku filed her case at the Employment and Labor Relations court

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Employee Sues National Bank CEO For Sexual Assault

Employee Sues National Bank CEO For Sexual Assault

A Former Employee of the National Bank (NBK) has sued the Chief Executive Officer Wilfred Musau for sexual harassment.

According to Asanta Samantha Luku, who has filed her case at the Employment and Labor Relations court, Musau threatened to sack her if she failed to give in to his sexual demands.

Ms Asanta, a manager in the mortgage section of the bank, in a sworn affidavit claims that the CEO has texted and emailed her severally asking her to be his girlfriend and goes ahead to describe her an ordeal  in October last year where Musau sexually assaulted her in his office when she refused to give in to his demands.

“The second respondent (Mr Musau) summoned me to his office and told me that I had emerged the best in the interview and had been recommended for appointment said my letter of acceptance was on his desk awaiting his signature without which I could not get the job.

“He pulled his chair close to me, got hold of me and attempted to touch her private parts, at which point i jumped out of my seat. He pulled me back and wrestled me to the ground and kicked my private parts and punched my breasts several times,” she claims.

Ms Luku further alleges that the HR department has asked her to withdraw a complaint she has filed on the matter. She now wants the court to restrain Mr Musau from harassing her sexually and wants protection for her job. She has also demanded Sh55 million in damages.


The sexual assault charges against the National Bank CEO comes hot in the heels of the #MeToomovement, which was occasioned by the sexual harassment scandal that rocked Hollywood following the numerous accusations of rape and sexual assault leveled  on film producer and former film studio director, Harvey Weinstein.

The “Me Too” Movement was a hastag that went viral in October 2017 following the Weinsten expose’ where women across the globe came out to reveal their personal sexual harassment/assault encounters.


Former chief executive of Save the Children, Justin Forsyth, resigned last month from his role as deputy executive director at Unicef following allegations of inappropriate behavior raised against him by three women.

Forsyth had however maintained that he was not “resigning because of the mistakes he had made while at the charity, but because of attempts to damage aid organisations and the humanitarian sector,”.

“I want to make clear I am not resigning from Unicef because of the mistakes I made at Save the Children. They were dealt with through a proper process many years ago. I apologised unreservedly at the time and face to face. I apologise again,” Forsyth Said.


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