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November 3, 2014


Insecurity in Kenya. We’ve got gun-wielding cattle rustlers, al-Shabaab terrorists and the KDF involved in smuggling and looting.

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Insecurity in Kenya: cattle rustlers, al-Shabaab and KDF involved in smuggling

Insecurity in Kenya: cattle rustlers, al-Shabaab and KDF involved in smuggling

Security personnel also insecure

High levels of Insecurity in the country has been perhaps the greatest problem that the Jubilee Government has been facing since the March 4th 2013 elections and the situation seems to be getting worse by day and it’s not only civilians who are falling victim to the rampant crimes: increasingly security personnel are the target of attacks lately.


Last week, three GSU officers were killed and five other officers injured after they were ambushed by cattle rustlers in Kiserian, Baringo County. The officers were in two vehicles pursuing rustlers who had raided a village and stolen animals. Police and locals say the raiders, who are believed to be from Pokot, managed to escape with the animals.

At the crack of dawn on Saturday, in what was similar to the horrendous Baragoi massacre – read ‘Baragoi Massacre: 42 police killed, bodies left behind for 2 days‘ -, armed bandits ambushed and killed 21 administration police officers and three civilians in Kapendo town, Baringo County. The officers had gone to visit a scene of the above attack on GSU officers and recover the wreckage of a burnt vehicle.


On Friday, armed criminals raided a military barracks in Mombasa and an administration police (AP) camp in Malindi. The soldiers managed to repulse the attackers but one of the officers was injured and died while undergoing treatment at the hospital. The soldiers managed to kill six attackers.

Meanwhile in Turkana County, based on recent attacks on security personnel, it’s reported that at least 30 guns are now in the hands of bandits.


President Uhuru has issued a 24 hour ultimatum to Pokot bandits who killed the officers to surrender all official fire arms stolen or face the wrath of the government.

“You have only 24 hours to do as I have said or you will face the consequences of your actions,” he said.

Uhuru, who was speaking in Cheptumet, about 200 metres from where the GSU officers were killed, also gave leaders and elders from the region the same duration to hand over the culprits.

“I want leaders from this region to stop the unnecessary blame games and assist the government to get hold of these dangerous elements,” Uhuru said.


Kenya has suffered a series of terror attacks orchestrated by Al-Shabaab since the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) were deployed in Somalia to root out the terrorist group in 2011, the most deadly attack being the 2013 Nairobi’s Westgate Mall siege and the June massacre in Mpeketoni, Lamu County, which left 60 Kenyans dead.

Following, the above attacks and several others, there was mounting pressure on the government to pull the KDF out of Somalia and focus on securing our borders.

An article in today’s Daily Nation by Rasna Warah alleges that after taking control of the port of Kismayu in Somalia the KDF engaged in the illegal export and import of banned or smuggled goods from the port instead of putting a stop to the illicit business, which Al-Shabaab relied on for their funding.

“According to a shocking report by the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea, profits from the charcoal trade (which has been banned by the United Nations) are shared by the Kenyan forces, the interim Jubba Administration headed by Madobe, and Al-Shabaab,” the article reads in part.


CCTV footage during the Westgate mall attack bared the uncouth misconduct of KDF, who were seen looting the shops at the mall.

If the latest allegations are anything to go by, then KDF’S presence in Somalia does not in any way enhance Kenya’s security.

Police Inspector General (David Kimaiyo) and the Cabinet Secretary for Security (Joseph Ole Lenku) have continually proved that they are not qualified for their dockets and Kenyans have on countless days called for their resignation. It’s just about time the two did the honourable thing, or for President Kenyatta to step in and sack them.


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