August 4, 2021


The EACC allege Musalia has been the beneficiary of kickbacks from road contracts.

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KeRRA Manager Under Investigation Over Sh952.3M

KeRRA Manager Under Investigation Over Sh952.3M

A Sh390,000 per month regional manager with the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) is under investigation by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) as to how he has amassed a wealth of some Sh952.3 million!

22 Bank Accounts, 27 Properties, Multiple Companies

The EACC is seeking to seize the assets of Benson Muteti Musila which he maintains in 22 bank accounts, 27 properties and is a shareholder in multiple companies. The properties ‘owned’ by Musila and his wife, Ziporah Mwongeli, include seven apartments, eight commercial and residential plots and two schools.

The apartments listed are in Nairobi, together with land (agricultural and some empty plots) are worth in the region of Sh241.6 million.

Musila reportedly held 21 accounts with Kenya Central Bank (KCB) and accounts at the Cooperative Bank, the National Bank of Kenya and Absa Bank.

Allegation: Beneficiary of Kickbacks from Road Contracts

The EACC was originally after Sh1.03 billion but Musalia was able to convince them that properties to the value of Sh78.7 million could legitimately be accounted for.

The EACC allege that Musalia has been the beneficiary of kickbacks from road contracts.

Both Musalia’s brother and his wife Ziporah Mwongeli have been named as managers of his properties, and his son who runs a construction company, Mumbe Cosntruction, is also under investigation by the EACC.

Musalia argued that the banks purely held cash to be used to pay staff and for office administration. He also argued that with allowances of about Sh750,000 per month added to his salary meant that he earned Sh1.14 million per month, some of which he invested in his businesses.

The EEAC however, argued that Musila’s monthly earnings did not tally with his tax returns filed with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).


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