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February 11, 2011


No, in fact, Lee Harvey Oswald, famed assassin of US President John F. Kennedy, did not kill Kenyan Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Robert Ouko.

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Lee Harvey Oswald did not murder Dr. Robert Ouko

Lee Harvey Oswald did not murder Dr. Robert Ouko

Just in case you read it this weekend, which on Sunday marks the 21st anniversary of the murder of Kenya’s then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Robert Ouko, he was not shot by Lee Harvey Oswald.

We write this because no doubt we will be subjected over the next few days to the regurgitating of stories often regurgitated before, that Ouko, between the 12th and 16th of February, 1990, was taken away for three days, beaten up, shot twice, dropped out of a helicopter and his body was covered in acid etc. etc.

The Forum is therefore grateful to whoever is behind a new website called ‘Kenya Unsolved’ ( which according to their press release went live yesterday and which the Forum team have viewed.

It claims to be a 20,000 word study (backed by 125 documents) into the murder of Dr. Robert Ouko and some of Kenya’s other great unsolved killings and seeks readers’ help in solving the crimes.

So we hope they won’t mind that we have copied below just a few lines from the thousands on the site, because it puts simply what journalists should keep in mind before they write yet more provable nonsense, and what we all ought to keep in mind before we believe what they write.

(For anyone interested in why we speak with such disdain of the way the journalistic profession has tackled the issue of Robert Ouko’s murder, have a read of this article: ‘Robert Ouko murder: irresponsible reporting overlooks case facts’)

One of Kenya’s great unsolved mysteries: the murder of Robert Ouko

The Kenya Unsolved site states:

‘The crucial part of Scotland Yard’s forensic evidence was that Dr Ouko had been killed where his body was found, or a few feet from the spot’.

This evidence, together with the eye-witness testimony of the herdsboy Paul Shikuku and others, evidence and testimony that has never been disputed, is absolutely central to an understanding (and refutation) of many of the theories that now surround the murder of Dr Robert Ouko.

The evidence and testimony in this respect is clear: Dr Ouko was killed on the morning of the 13th February, 1990, and killed at the spot where his body was found.

In the absence of any new evidence to the contrary all other theories have to be set against these facts.’

Quite so. Have a good weekend.

For more facts, proven by testimony and forensic evidence, on the murder of Robert Ouko please read ‘Robert Ouko’s murder: the media must report these 8 facts


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