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Serial Killer On The Loose – Mombasa Sex Workers Decry Rising Killings

Commercial Sex workers in Mombasa have accused the police of laxity in investigating the person (s) behind the recent murders of their colleagues.

Three sex workers were killed last month in separate incidents in what is being described as acts of a serial killer.

Martha Simiyu, 23, was the latest victim of the killings after her body was found at a guest room in the famous Casablanca club on March 25. The body was found in a pool of blood and had been stubbed severally in the neck, eyes, and abdomen. Her throat had also been slit from ear to ear.

“We Are Humans Too”

Last week the commercial workers took to the streets in a peaceful protest the killings and what they also termed as harassment by the police.

They demanded that the government intervene and arrest male clients who have sexually assaulted and murdered their colleagues.

“we are humans too! For how long should we be attacked before the state intervenes? When shall we put a stop to this inhumanity?” posed the director of Coast Sexual Workers Alliance (COSWA) Benta Joseph.


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