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On Tuesday afternoon, social media was awash with news of the slain medical student at the Moi University, Eldoret.

Ivy Wangeci, a six-year medical student, life was cut short after she was brutally hacked with a machete and her throat slit with a knife, allegedly by a jilted lover, whom her classmates refer to as a “stalker”.

According to witnesses, the “stalker”, who has since been identified as Naftali Kinuthia, waylaid her as she left the Moi Referal Hospital to the hostels. Boda boda riders caught up with the culprit and almost lynched him before the police rescued him.

The details surrounding Wagenci’s brutal murder notwithstanding, what i find disturbing is the trend formed by a section of online misogynists, who have made it their life purpose to vilify victims of murder consequently, eroding these atrocities of their criminality.

“Let the murder of this Wangeci, serve as a lesson to all the other slay queen’s that you cannot just eat a man’s money and walk away” one of such misogynists tweeted.

“The hatred young Kenyan men have for women nowadays is scary”

As one gentleman observed; “The hatred young Kenyan men have for women nowadays is scary. Any time a young woman is killed they celebrate. What is going on? one Michael I. Nderitu‏ said in a tweet.

Just like Christine Maonga and Sharon Otieno, Ivy Wangeci was murdered in cold blood, end of story!

The visible bile and viciousness these misogynists have for women is appalling and even disturbing. If a man can find it okey to justify murder, raise negative claims on the victims and boldly state they deserved the atrocity, chances are high that this is a person who will not think twice about hurting a woman on the slightest provocation.

These are the men who will violate a woman and justify it with “she was dressed provocatively” or “I bought her beer”.

It’s not a crime for a woman to fall in love, it’s not a crime for a woman to have an affair, it’s not a crime for a woman to quit a relationship, which no longer serves her; we are not slaves!! MURDER IS A CRIME!!


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