November 14, 2011


The real and true story of Dr Ouko’s murder is there, waiting for some passably competent journalist to make a name for his or herself.

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Sunday Nation, Dr Jason Kaviti And The Murder Of Dr Robert Ouko

Just a short follow-on from today’s earlier posting below…

Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara was the former owner of The Nairobi Law Monthly and he obviously still maintains good relations with the monthly magazine, appearing at a press conference in September after the Nairobi Law Monthly’s office had been broken into, condemning the raid, saying, “there was no democracy without a free media”. Quite so says the Forum.


Mr Imanyara is also the MP who, quite out of the blue, reintroduced the infamous Sunguh Report into the murder of Dr Robert Ouko in Parliament last December.

Regular readers of the Kenya Forum will know of our view as to the veracity of the Sunguh Commission report (see the Forum’s posting of September 13). The report was rapidly rejected by Parliament but the Kenya Forum has since come to believe that it’s placing before Parliament by Imanyara was not quite what it appeared to be, of which more in a posting coming up in early December.

The Sunguh report of course, fell hook, line and sinker for the theory that Dr Ouko had been murdered at State House, Nakuru. Keep that thought in mind a moment or two.


In yesterday’s Sunday Nation, journalist Gakiha Weru wrote a piece on Dr Jason Kaviti (‘Kaviti takes State secrets to the grave’)the former Chief Government Pathologist who was involved in the investigation into Dr Ouko’s death. Again, regular readers will know of the Kenya Forum’s recent remarks regarding Dr Kaviti (Dr Jason Kaviti RIP?).

There was nothing wrong with Gakiha Weru’s report as far as it went. It was clear and precise. It quite rightly went through Dr Kaviti’s odd and infamous insistence on sticking to a line that Dr Ouko (and prior to him, Julie Ward) might have committed suicide.

What Gakiha Weru’s report did not mention, although the information has been available since at least September 1991, was the key forensic evidence that refuted Kaviti’s analysis. This was the British Scotland Yard’s forensic report, set out in Detective Superintendent John Troon’s ‘Final report’, which stated clearly that Dr Ouko had been shot where his body was found, or a few feet from that spot, so he could not have been shot in State House or anywhere else…

Now in an article on Dr Kaviti and the murder of Dr Robert Ouko, which inevitably had to concentrate in part on the forensic evidence, why was Scotland Yard’s forensic evidence and the conclusion drawn from them, not mentioned?


The Kenya Forum has raised this subject before, asking whether it is just ignorance on the part of some journalists (as in just not knowing), or whether it is some form of censorship, especially as the real and true story of Dr Ouko’s murder is there, waiting for some passably competent journalist to make a name for his or herself.

So just in case it is a matter of simply not knowing, the Kenya Forum would like to direct Nationjournalist Gakiha Weru to our posting of September 13 on the subject of the KHRC’s Report (New Kenya demands more, the New Constitution requires more’ at the end of which there are some 20 links to other articles on the subject of Dr Ouko’s murder that he might find illuminating.


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